BlackBerry Accounted for 31% of Apps Sales at Handango in 2008 – Ringtone Megaplex #3 Application across All Platforms!

Pretty impressive for the BlackBerry, but nowhere close to touching the iPhone store. Handango just let out their yearly “YARDSTICK” report, which lists some details about popular applications and devices. In 2008, 31% of applications sold by Handango were for the BlackBerry, up from 18% the year before. BlackBerry also had the most new applications by adding 3,365 new applications.

Personalization was the major area for sales, but six games made the top 25 list across all platforms (excluding the iPhone since it does not sell on Handango). The most surprising fact is the list of the top selling BlackBerry applications on Handango for 2009. Who would have thought that Ringtones and VoiceControl would take the cake?

The top-five best-selling applications for BlackBerry phones in 2008 were:
1. Ringtone Megaplex (ringtones)
2. VoiceControl (voice command)
3. Colour Your Trackball (trackball customizer)
4. BBSmart Email Viewer (email viewer)
5. eOffice 4.5 (attachment viewer)

Kudos to you, Ringtone Megaplex and Terratial Technologies! You even made it into the top 10 applications sold across all platforms! (Though their product is available for more than one platform.)

HANDANGO’S TOP TEN – 2008 best seller list (across platforms)
1. Spb Mobile Shell 2.1.4 (today screen plug-in) – $29.95
2. MobiTV (streaming television) – $9.99/month
3. Ringtone Megaplex (ringtones) – $19.95
4. Spb Backup 2.0.1 (file backup) – $24.95
5. Spb Pocket Plus 4.0.2 (today screen plug-in) – $29.95
6. Pocket Informant 8 (today screen plug-in) – $29.95
7. Spb Phone Suite 1.3 (phone features) – $19.95
8. VoiceControl (voice command) – $6.00
9. Colour Your Trackball (trackball customizer) – $4.95
10. eWallet (Professional Edition) (PIM manager) – $29.95

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