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Now this is a new application idea that I find interesting. Do you know how you get the name of the caller along with the number on your home phone? Do you get many calls from callers that are not in your address book?’

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I know I do which is why Privus Mobile is interesting. It is an application for BlackBerry that gives you the official caller ID name for each number that calls you. It then lets you add it to your address book.

The main problem with this service currently is that it can only give you the caller ID after the caller hangs up or you get a missed call. This is because on Pre-3G phones you cannot have a data connection active at the same time as the phone call. For some reason that is also true with the WiFi BlackBerrys.

Right now you might as well just do a Rphone lookup with Beyond411 for free since it is already after the call. On the other hand this service will get quite a bit more interesting once the Bold is released since that will allow simultaneous data and phone call so the application will be able to get the caller ID immediately.

Privus Mobile is a bit expensive for such a service at $24.99/quarter or $89.95/year. Once the Bold comes out I will definitely be trying this out. I have always wanted true caller ID on my BlackBerry.

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  1. Why wouldn’t this work in a wifi zone? Not sure about the bb’s that you use, but any wifi bb I have used I can be on a voice call and use data at the same time as well.

  2. I bought this about 2 months ago…before I found out that the caller i.d. comes up after you hang up…sometimes 5 minutes after. My advice…save your money and don’t buy this expensive p.o.s.

  3. The Privus Mobile software works during ringing on Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms on any 3G or WiFi connection.

    On a Blackberry, even if you get the name after the call, the benefit is you don’t have to go to voicemail all the time to see if someone left you some information about who they are. Sure, you can go surf to some place or another to try to get the info, but, why not have it available quickly, without hassle? If you miss the call completely, it saves the info automatically and you can delete it if you wish.

    If Blackberry owners want the same functionality as the Windows Mobile or Symbian platforms, they should contact RIM to open up the software for this capability. The cost is less than a couple cups of coffee per month. There is a 3 day free trial download. Use it before you buy it to see if it fits your needs.

    Ronan, we appreciate your comment about the 3G Blackberry to be released, and we are working with RIM to insure this will work during ringing on networks that don’t block the data during a call, which is another factor to consider when activating a line with a carrier. ATT and TMobile both allow simultaneous voice and data.

    We advise in our product description that a Blackberry is only Post-Call. We also advise that the service is only available in N.A. for now. We will deploy in the EU by year’s end and will start delivering international names within the next 60 – 90 days.

    Visit the to give us feedback and suggest new capabilities or features.

  4. This progam never gave me the identity of the caller when they called, but did give it to me after the call was over most of the time. I use an HTC Touch Pro on Windows Mobile 6.1. BEWARE – I bought the ‘3 month plan’ and although it doesn’t tell you this when you purchase it – they AUTOMATICALLY KEEP BILLING YOUR CARD. This notice appears on your email receipt AFTER you make your purchase – you need to cancel 5 days before your term expires.

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