What To Expect In Empower HTML Mail Viewer Pro – Changelog

Empowerproscreens[7]I completely forgot to include this in the last post about Empower HTML Mail Viewer. So far this is the changelog I have gotten from Ani, one of the developers of Empower. I put a smiley face near the ones I think are the most important. Hopefully Empower will released a complete changelog before the software is released on the 20th.

1. Big News: Speed. Zero-lag. Instant.
2. Big News: Supports the latest RIM OS 4.3
3. Big News: PIM Integration! AddToTask, AddAppointment.
4. Big News: All System Fonts are supported!
5. Big News: Image caching is Enabled – less data usage.
6. Support for both: In-memory & Disk-based cache. (Look into Options for more)
7. Big News: Options to pre-fetch images.
8. Big News: Auto-detect Connection settings.
9. Big News: No default Signatures in this version
10. Attachment list redesigned to show up at the top.
11. Headers redesigned to match 4.3 OS, consume less space & display
more info with higher clarity. For ex, a To: 5 Cc:4 to tell you how
many on To & how many on Cc.
12. Different header background for each Account.
13. Big News: Now EMV makes your email Text directly selectable! No need to click Menu & click Select.
14. Header font can be set independently of Body fonts.
15. Big News: Improved and a far better parser, esp with regard to word wrapping, paragraph detection etc.
16. Big News: Inline replies are shown in Color.
17. EMV detects Signature blocks in incoming emails and replies, and shows them in different colors.
18. Big News: AutoUpdate feature to notify you of any new upgrades.You can also do it manually
19. Option to load Images on-Demand on a per email basis.
20. Translation of HTML Special Characters – copyright, registered, trademarked etc special characters.

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