Empower HTML Mail Viewer Pro Released! – $15 Discount

Empowerproscreens[7]Empower HTML Mail Viewer Pro Edition that we told you about before has finally been released. The new version costs $29.99 and adds a ton of new features. Sadly the new version is currently only compatible with OS 4.2.1 and up including OS 4.3 but a version for older OS’s is supposed to be out later. Check out this post for screenshots of the new Empower HTML Email Viewer Pro Edition.

I just read on BlackBerryForums that Empower is offering a discount of $15 until Dec 31st, 2007. Just use the coupon code BBFPRO15 when you purchase.

For people who have already purchased Empower Mail Viewer Standard you will be able to get an upgrade to the Pro version for just $5!!! Also, all registered users of EMV Std. This offer is valid until New Year Night. (Dec 31st, 2007)

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to uninstall the old version of Empower before installing this new version!!! One of our reviewers did not do this and had to reload his device!!!
Webpage: www.getempower.com/Empower_HTML_Mail_Viewer.php
OTA Trial: www.getEmpower.com/ota

From the announcement on BlackBerryForums:

Whats in Pro?

* Breathtaking Speed! No popups, no annoying progress bars, no delay. Just click & boom! Your email is there.
* PIM Integration – Add To Task – Quickly add an email as task. Look under Options.
* PIM Integration – Add To Calendar – Create appointments out of your email. Look under options for more.
* All System Fonts are supported!
* Image Caching implemented – for faster viewing experience and less data usage.
* Support for both: In-memory & SDCard cache. Look under Options. You can even browse the SDCard cache using RIM Media Manager!
* Pre-fetch Images for Faster Viewing experience.
* Auto-detect Connection settings – No need to manually try each connection or fiddle with APN or anything.
* Redesigned Headers to consume less space & display more info with higher clarity. For ex, a To: 5 Cc:4 to tell you how many on To & how many on Cc.
* EMV detects Inline replies & shows them in Color. Again look under Options for more.
* EMV even detects Signature blocks in incoming emails and replies, and shows them in different color.
* AutoUpdate feature to notify you of any new upgrades.You can also do it manually.
* Supports loading Images on-Demand on a per email basis.
* Translation of HTML Special Characters like copyright, registered, trademarked etc
* Different header background for each Account. Quickly distinguish between emails. Look under Options.
* Attachment list redesigned to show up at the top.
* Foreign Languages supported. People today are using Empower in Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and even Chinese and Greek languages. 
* Improved and a far better parser, esp with regard to word wrapping, paragraph detection etc.
* PocketDay Integration
* Umpteen configuration options.
* Web-based license management for seamless and faster device transfers. No need for new registration codes each time you switch your BlackBerry.

 A detailed description of all the features and options of Empower Mail Viewer PRO edition is best available at http://www.getempower.com/emvpro/Emp…Viewer-PRO.pdf

The PRO Edition also sets another milestone in the way 3rd Party Apps integrate on BlackBerry. With PRO Edition we have opened a set of APIs to Empower. Given the fact that email is the primary use of BlackBerry and a number of software apps integrate with email, we believe this is a huge step.

EMV Pro APIs allow any 3rd Party developer to take benefit of the HTML Viewing capabilities of Empower. PocketDay Integration makes use of this architecture. We believe that with time more and more developers will join in and want to benefit users through these APIs.

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