BlackBerry Master Control Program

Description Beta 5 is currently in testing.  If you want the beta version, click here.

Why use MCP?  Because typing a command line like THIS … SUCKS!

BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) is a power tool for BlackBerry devices designed for moderate to advanced users.

With MCP you can easily load/save/erase any module you want, take screenshots of your device, turn the radio on or off, synchronize the time on your device to your PC, reset to factory settings (remove IT policies), perform a handheld wipe…  and tons of other cool stuff!

MCP can perform all possible combinations of Java Loader commands and options via an intuitive yet easy to use 32-bit Windows GUI (graphical user interface).

MCP offers a full GUI for managing and optimizing any BlackBerry operating system that is installed on your computer, including the ability to install a selected OS without having to uninstall other OS’s first.   All selections/operations are performed in real time and the GUI provides instant “live” feedback on the current state of the OS you are preparing to install.  You can switch between MCP and CrackMem with no adverse effects.

Version is the seventh public release…  no longer beta!

Readme / Changelog

Standard Version (PC, Windows Installer)

Information Page / Direct Download – 1.66 MB / 1,704.50 KB / 1,745,404 Bytes

Portable Version

Information Page / Direct Download – 1.80 MB / 1,851.47 KB / 1,895,861 Bytes

Stand Alone Version

Information Page / Direct Download – 0.41 MB / 423.50 KB / 433,664 Bytes

Changes in

  • MCP now uses RIM Java Loader from the new BlackBerry JDE 4.7 Beta 2
  • Added Auto-Check Java Loader Version option to Settings page
  • Java Loader version checking is now 100% specific to the Java Loader EXE field in Settings
  • Java Loader version checking now downloads the exe, txt and md5 for Java Loader
  • Downloads folder phased out, no longer created during launch

Changes in

  • Downloads page completely overhauled and uses official RIM url’s
  • MCP can now run more than once if the exe names are different (should use different folders though)
  • Precision Zen checkbox (OS Page) wasn’t enabling/disabling properly, fixed
  • Portable installer creates new INI if none exists
  • Portable installer no longer overwrites existing mcp.ini
  • Portable installer always writes “portable=1” to the “[settings]” section of mcp.ini
  • Portable splash screen updated to
  • First non-beta release

Changes in

  • MCP now supports the ability to manage multiple USB Devices / PINs
  • Simulation Mode
  • Automatic Java Loader Version Checker
  • Almost all MCP Images and icons are now extensible
  • BBDevMgr.Exe vs Windows Hourglass – Fixed!
  • Added MCP Status (Online/Offline)
  • Performance Improvements
  • Operating System Management enhancements, added PIN to messages
  • Added Command Line Parameters
  • Added menu system for the MCP system tray icon
  • Updated the Welcome and About screens
  • Settings page…  Added “Pin Check Interval”
  • Added “Textures” to the Settings page, follows Windows themes
  • Tons of other fixes/improvements


  • Manages multiple USB Devices.
  • Performs ALL Java Loader commands and options – one hundred percent – graphically.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade to any device OS that is installed on your computer – without having to uninstall other OS’s.
  • Relocates OS files to the same locations as CrackMem, so you can switch between MCP or CrackMem at will.
  • MCP is available via Windows Control Panel after installation.
  • Easy to access shortcuts to the most common BlackBerry tools.
  • NEW! – Now Available in PortableApps version!
  • NEW! – Now Available as a Stand Alone application!


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