BlackBerry Beta Zone rolls out Facebook 4.0

Capture on 01-24-2013 13-45-27It is nice to see popular apps get updated, especially right before the launch of BlackBerry 10.  Today in the Beta Zone, RIM launched Facebook 4.0.  It seems like they are focusing on photo interaction mainly.

Here is a copy of the Change Log:

Change Log for

New Features


– Pull to refresh

– Photo re-design:

– Enhancements in full screen photo browsing

– Comments & Like/Unlike buttons
– Ability to view tags
– Slider animation (Slide between full screen photos)

Fixed Issues

– Clean up files that add the #preprocessor markers, but don’t need them.
– Photos cannot be displayed using Menu option
– When saving an image with ‘Set as Wallpaper’ checked, two copies saved on the device
– UI issue when the user is already in the friend’s list when a new friend is added
– Clicking on the Like + Comments button will open the dialog box for the next photo
– Swiping on screen with bottom eyelid buttons highlighted, brings up the same image
– Facebook Photo\like count not displayed correctly when more 3 or more digits
– Facebook Like\Unlike comments scrolling is not consistent with GCM and menu button
– Imaging scaling not applied on device rotation
– Navigation List BB menu option is not toggled correctly
– Pull to refresh text overlaps with mailbox content
– Facebook need to sync the Like and Comment bar to refresh when comments and likes are added
– Incorrect photo is being saved on the device
– Photo: Spinning green circle shown initially and then screen goes black prior to displaying image
– Facebook Exiting out of a large photo album causes the screen to go blank
– Facebook pull to refresh stops working after a few tries
– Should say loading photos not fetching
– Sometimes while swiping in a photo album in full screen view, image is not loaded
– Performance: Slider animation is not smooth when swiping in an album
– Facebook Photo comments not showing in menu bar and comment count not updating

If you are already a Beta Zone member or would like to sign up, you can follow this link and try out Facebook 4.0.

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