Rhomobile Offers Complete Enterprise Smartphone Mobility Solution


August 25, 2009 – Rhomobile today announced a complete smartphone mobility solution providing enterprise smartphone apps with capabilities including push and sync data required for enterprise mobility efforts. By leveraging the power offered by today’s smartphones, Rhomobile offerings including the Rhodes smartphone app development framework and RhoSync server make the iPhone. BlackBerry, and other leading smartphones ready for business.

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RhoSync is a standalone server which keeps enterprise application data current and available on users’ smartphones.  Rhodes integration with RhoSync makes it the only smartphone framework to feature sync. RhoSync is the only sync server to use modern smartphone APIs (specifically BES Push and iPhone 3.0 SDK Push) to optimize synchronization enabling real-time updates of critical backend application information. With RhoSync, information is stored locally on a smartphone and is available even when disconnected and offline allowing workers to review and create data when on a plane or out of coverage.

“Modern smartphones offer the power, connectivity and advanced capabilities to make the dream of a mobilized enterprise workforce a reality,” said Adam Blum, CEO of Rhomobile. “Rhomobile solutions including Rhodes and our RhoSync Enterprise Smartphone Server provide the missing pieces required to utilize these tools in enterprise efforts.”

Built from the ground up to leverage the iPhone and other smartphones in the enterprise, the Rhodes smartphone application framework reduces development costs by up to five times by enabling developers to code native smartphone applications in HTML instead of in Objective-C or other complex native device operating system languages. While providing the productivity benefits of web programming, Rhodes’ unique framework allows for the creation of native mobile apps that take full advantage of device capabilities such as GPS, PIM data, and camera.

RhoSync Enterprise Smartphone Server Features:

  • First synchronization server to use smartphone push
  • Keeps enterprise application data current and available on smartphones (even when users are offline and disconnected)
  • Easy implementation by allowing rapid creation of source adapter (code size and effort is over 10 times smaller than implementing adapters with earlier synchronization servers)
  • Eliminates need for network programming and information retrieval from the device
  • First web services and SaaS focused sync server

Rhodes Features:

  • Built from the ground up to leverage smartphones in the enterprise
  • Allows developers to write app interface in HTML and simultaneously build as native apps (not web apps) for all smartphones
  • Supports iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android
  • Makes developers five times more productive for even a single smartphone OS
  • Support for Push Synchronized Data on iPhone and BlackBerry
  • Allows users to work with synced local data for rapid access and ease of operation when disconnected or offline
  • Full access to device capabilities: GPS, PIM contacts, camera

The Rhodes framework is available at
http://rhomobile.com/products/rhodes. Rhodes commercial licenses can now be purchased with one click using Google Checkout.

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