BlueGuard Bluetooth Access control system

blueguardAs I work in the access control and automation industry, I am always on the look out for new ideas and product lines coming into the area.

EMX Industries Inc have released a versatile and, more importantly these days, price effective, bluetooth access control transceiver. If you have an electric latch lock, electric automatic sliding door, electric lift garage door or any type of automated entry system in your work or home then this one’s for you.

This little device can be fitted into your existing access control system to create a seamless, secure and convenient way of getting in or out of your premises.

It can handle up to 10 devices for recognition. Has a 33 foot (10 meter) range. Can connect to any Bluetooth 2.0 equipped cell phone and the best part, is priced around the $200 (USD) mark. (a lot cheaper than some of the competitors I have reported on previously).

Now, for the tech type of guys and girls out there (and this bit is not on their site or recommended by them) that like to tinker around, I’m sure the BlueGuard could be retro-fitted into something like a car (has 12-30 vdc and 24 vac input voltage) to add that real bling factor to your car security system. 🙂

You can check out their information PDF at : or their website at : .

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