Review: Berry Buddy by Innov 8 Systems

Price: $49.99

A couple of days ago I received the new Berry Buddy Desktop charger cradle for my BlackBerry Pearl.

I thought to myself, “Great, another desktop charger. Why can’t I be reviewing Ferrari’s.”

Well as it happens, Innov8 looks they might have had the designers from Ferrari working for them when they put this one on the drawing board…More After The Jump.

innov8-berrybuddy-desktop-cradle.jpgUnlike the cradle which I had purchased from Boxwave for my Curve a couple of weeks prior the packaging for the Berry Buddy is not just your standard generic white box but rather a well marked and flashy unit not un-similar to Apple’s iPhone box. Included in the box is a set of instructions, a mini-USB to USB cable and of course the Berry Buddy itself.

The Berry Buddy has 2 hidden input ports. One for standard charger input and a second input for connection to your computer. If you use your BlackBerry at work then this cradle will look right at home on your desk as its sleek lines will blend in with any modern office layout. Furthermore, if you choose to use the cradle at home, it would be a great addition to any bed side table or home office (as well as stopping the annoying problem of the charger cable slipping down the back of the desk).

There are two LED indicator lights on the front face of the unit. A green one to indicate if power is connected and a blue one to indicate if the unit is attached to the computer. The cradle is finished very well in a high gloss black plastic with a dark gray insert where the phone actually sits. Inserting the Pearl into the cradle is a lot easier than the Boxwave unit with just a small sideways push needed to coax it into position.

One thing I have found with the Curve is that after a few weeks the mini USB port in the phone itself is getting very loose which makes coupling into the Boxwave cradle easier but when you connect to any other plug you don’t get that positive connection feel. The Berry Buddy seems to be a lot tighter with a lot less clearance and a lot more of a positive lock.



  • Great looks.
  • Indication lights tell you exactly what is connected.
  • Hidden plug-in points


  • Not yet available for the 8300 or 8800
  • Flashing LED Lights


For looks alone, this is one of the best desk top chargers I have ever seen. It does look as home anywhere you feel the need to set it up. Unfortunately it is only available for the 8100 Pearl but I am sure Innov8 will get design and production moving to cater for the rest of us.

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