Review: Duckshot – By Magmic Games

duckshotds_240_01.jpgReview: Duckshot
[rating:1] 1/10
Version: 1.0.1
Cost: $7.99
Developer/Vendor: Mofactor / Magmic
Compatibility: BlackBerry (large selection of models)

When I first read Greg’s review I had to read it twice before I believed it. I cannot understand why Magmic would put the effort in to release such a pointless game. With all of the great new partnerships they have formed they could have been a little more selective. Duckshot is so simple that a 2 year old could beat the game just by pushing the same button over and over again. Once again Magmic has not offered a trial for Duckshot but I highly recommend you reconsider before purchasing this game. All 4 of our reviewers could not come up with one redeeming factor for this game except for the good graphics. Magmic has a ton of Grade A quality games ranging from Monopoly to Soduku that would engage you at a higher level than Duckshot.Installation: OTA or desktop install from Magmic

I would like to find something good to say about each product I review but I’m afraid with Duckshot I could not find one good point and is defiantly one I will be deleting as soon as I have finished writing this review.


Now all you pro-hunting guys and gals out there don’t get upset as that is not what I’m complaining about here (I have been known to cause the premature death of many a small furry rodent).

The aim of the game is to shoot as many ducks as possible with one shot to earn yourself stamps emblazoned with ducks. The more ducks you get with one shot, the more points you earn and the more stamps you can get.


Now this is where the game goes downhill. Skill levels for this game is nil as aiming and reloading are automatic. You can re-select your acquired target but then the game auto-aims at your new target. The game autoaims for you and reloads for you the only thing left for you to do is click. Seriously the whole game just requires you to click over and over again. There is not really a whole lot more to this game and it becomes boring within 5 minutes. I really hope Magmic or Mofactor releases an update that gives players more control over the cursor or at least the ability to play at a higher skill level.

There should be a trial version offered, as after trying I would doubt many would buy.


  • Graphics quite good


  • In-ability to switch off auto-aim mode
  • Pointless and boring
  • No skill required


If you didn’t guess by my review then I will state it loud and clear. This is by far one of the worst games I have ever played but that is only my opinion and some might find it rewarding on a different level.

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