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Poll Results: Average BlackBerry/Cell Phone Bill

When Greg floated the idea for this poll I was very interested to see what the results would show. I am personally paying about $135 for me and my wife on AT&T compared to the $90 we used to pay on T-Mobile. [poll id="9"] Out of almost 500 readers who answered the poll I was…


Poll Results: Opinions On Cellphone Warranties

We ran a poll over a week ago asking you about your opinion about cell phone warranties. I thought the results were pretty interesting due to the fact that a good portion (30%) of the respondents are paying their carrier for an extended warranty. On the other hand 42% are just fine with RIM’s standard…


Poll; How much is your BlackBerry costing you ?

Do you dread that time of month when that cell phone/BlackBerry bill is due to show up in your letterbox ? (or inbox – as is an option for many carriers these days). If you’re anything like me then your bill would have been cut considerably since using a BlackBerry.  (I dropped down from an…


Poll: What Is Your Opinion About Cell Phone Warranties?

After reading an article on Woot about extended warranties I thought it would be a great idea to see how everybody felt about cell phone warranties. Personally the limited warranty from RIM has always been just fine but I tend to shirk all warranty offers especially from pushy sales reps. Especially after reading articles like…


Poll; Readers have your say.

At BerryReview, you the reader, is the most important part of what we do. We would like to invite you to have a say in what we write about. Simply select your favorite from the following list of subjects that you would like to see the most on BerryReview and we will try our hardest…


Poll Results: Interest In Mobile TV Is Not Promising

We asked you last week what you think of mobile TV and the results are in. It turns out that TV on your BlackBerry is a very segmented market. It is interesting to note that less than 5% of responders actually watch TV on their BlackBerry and enjoy it. Almost 45% of responders are indifferent…


Giveaway: Why do you love your BlackBerry?

All of us here at BerryReview love our BlackBerry’s, in one way or another. I myself love my BlackBerry for countless reasons. Enough to write all over my hand at least ;-). There have been other loves, but they weren’t true. I haven’t posted here in several months due to the fact I was without…


Poll: What Do You Think About Mobile TV?

I have always envied Koreans since they get to watch TV anywhere using their cellphones. I think it would be pretty cool to watch TV on my BlackBerry while sitting on the train. On the other, hand mobile TV has yet to even make a dent in the US. MobiTV just announced that they have…

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