$199 BlackBerry PlayBook is Not Sustainable

For the past week or so the BlackBerry PlayBook has been selling extremely well at the discounted price of $199. This low price is helping the PlayBook get into the hands of more people, and making the user base not only bigger, but also more diverse. Trying to help a friend buy one, has left…


More Details Clarified for BBX, 4G PlayBook, Native Apps, & More

I know you guys are dying for more details on BBX and the upcoming PlayBook OS 2.0 update just as badly as I am. Kyle from BBCool scored some more details from the Q&A RIM had after their BlackBerry Innovation event recently. They covered some great stuff but here is the highlight reel: 4G PlayBooks…


PlayBook Screenshots Show BBM, Video Store, & Other Mystery Icons

The sharp eyes at noticed some interesting icons in the screenshots RIM was showing during their BlackBerry Mobile Fusion webcast yesterday. What they noticed first was what looks like a native BBM icon. The device shown is not connected to a bridge and has the regular bridge BBM icon in the bridge folder introduced…


BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Details, Slides & Screenshots – Late March Launch

We told you that RIM would be covering the new BlackBerry Mobile Fusion multi-platform mobile device management system during their webcast today. The webcast just finished and I wanted to share with you some of the updates that came out of it. Its easier to do it in bullet form so here it goes: BlackBerry…


PixelMags Bringing Magazines to the PlayBook Soon

PixelMags is known for bringing magazines and more to iOS devices. Derek pointed out to us that they have an update on their website saying that BlackBerry PlayBook and Android apps are coming soon. PixelMags is not the biggest facilitator for magazines but it will be nice to get some more options on the PlayBook….


Best Buy Sold Out of BlackBerry PlayBooks – Shop BlackBerry Experiencing High Volume

We noted earlier today that Best Buy had stopped selling the BlackBerry PlayBook at the $199+ discount price and wondered what was going on. Customers complained of their orders being cancelled and some thought Best Buy was pulling the PlayBook from its store. Turns out there is a different much simpler reason. Best Buy put…


New SSH Telnet & Rlogin Client Based on PuTTY for BlackBerry PlayBooks

I am really indebted to Dmytro Mishchenko right now. This week he released a new Telnet SSH client for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This new client is based on PuTTY and supports the SSH, Telnet, and Rlogin protocols. This app is built on the work from PuTTY, qPuTTY, and the QT Library so it has a…


Rooted BlackBerry PlayBook Shown Off On Video Showing Off Hulu

  This keeps on getting better. It looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook root exploit we told you about before is real. The developers behind it, @xpvqs @cmwdotme @neuralic, have been hard at work hacking away at the BlackBerry PlayBook. Both Chris Wade and Neuralic have posted up videos showing off the exploit. See that screenshot…

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