RIM Releases Free TunnelTilt WebGL PlayBook Game Demo in App World

When RIM first showed off TunnelTilt to demo WebGL in the PlayBook OS 2.0 browser I was impressed. WebGL allows web developers to create graphically intensive and beautiful games in the browser. Now RIM is exemplifying the fact that you can take these browser games and turn them into native apps using WebWorks on the…


LocalBar 2 Allows You To Sideload Apps to Your PlayBook Without a PC

Yohanes Nugroho is at it again with a new version of his original LocalBar app. The new LocalBar app gets around RIM’s block of the original LocalBar app method by using a proxy to fool the PlayBook into thinking an app is being sideloaded from a PC. Yohanes has provided a proxy that you can…


Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Bumps Up to v3.0 on the PlayBook

Gameloft (or RIM) has updated the popular (and currently free) Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD to v3.0 from the previous v2.0. That is a big bump but the download size seems to be the same. Hopefully they fixed the really annoying bug on one of the levels where the walls and my character float…


Slacker Radio PlayBook App Updated to v1.2.6 – Hopefully Fixes Skipping

Slacker has updated their very popular BlackBerry PlayBook app to v1.2.6 from version 1.1.50. I am hoping this new version fixes the skipping audio and buffering over bridge issues that I have been having but have not had a chance to test it out. Check out the update in App World here.


FAQ: Sync Yahoo Address and Yahoo Contacts to Playbook OS 2.0 (Possible Fix)

There are a number of instructions available to connect your Rogers Yahoo account to Playbook OS 2.0 However, one of the watch outs I have discovered is that your password cannot contain a special characters. Here are the steps to connect your account Check your password and confirm if it contains special characters (e.g. @,…


Nexus App Allows You To Share Files Between PlayBooks on the Same Network

Mario let us know about his new Nexus app for the PlayBook. It allows you to directly transfer files between multiple BlackBerry PlayBooks on the same wireless network. Hopefully this will be extended beyond the local network but until then it works for pictures, music, videos, and documents. Any device running Nexus on your same…


Files & Folders v4.0 Adds SugarSync, Bookmarks, & More

We told you earlier that Innovatology was adding SugarSync support to their popular Files & Folders PlayBook file manager app. They have finally released the updated v4.0 and it includes a few other perks too like being able to star your favorite folders. Alongside these updates they have also thrown in some enhancements to existing…


Mobigloo Brings Traffic Mania to the BlackBerry PlayBook

I purchased Traffic Mania a bit back for my PlayBook but a recent update reminded me that I have forgot to share it with you all. Mobigloo brought this traffic control style game to the PlayBook where you are responsible for keeping things running smoothly in a busy intersection while avoiding crashes. You speed them…

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