PlayBook Dev Team Now Working on Refining the PlayBook Browser

We know that RIM was pushing hard to deliver a solid browser in PlayBook OS 2.0 that blew past the competition in speed and standards compliance. Now we have started noticing that RIM is making some big steps into integrating and improving that browser. I have been hearing from sources at RIM that the browser…


SecuStore PlayBook Password Manager With Dropbox Backup

SecuStore is an interesting new password manager for the PlayBook built on WebWorks. It started as a WebOS app and now is available on the PlayBook, iOS, and Google Chrome. It allows you to generate passwords and encrypt them while using Dropbox to sync the passwords between the different devices. Even more interesting is that…


Free AndroIRC IRC Client Ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook (Android)

The Android Player on the BlackBerry PlayBook just brought us another useful port. This time we have AndroIRC which is a free IRC client. Its pretty feature packed which is nice though I really wish we had a good native IRC client… I have not had a chance to really put AndroIRC through its paces…


Plants vs Zombies for PlayBook Gets Small Update to v1.3.1307

The unexplained small version updates to PlayBook apps and games continues. This time we have the hugely popular Plants vs Zombies going from v1.3 to v1.3.1307. My guess is this is a bug fixing version but who knows. Let us know if you spot anything! Find Plants vs Zombies in App World


Stuff File Manager for the PlayBook With DropBox Support

We mentioned Files & Folders adding SugarSync support earlier in the week and one of our readers, Jnorth, pointed out that there is a similar app called Stuff. Stuff is a easy to use file manager for the PlayBook that also adds access to your DropBox account. It has been around for awhile now but…


RIM Explains How They “Manage BlackBerry Jailbreak Issues”

RIM has had some of its stellar security record tarnished when the BlackBerry PlayBook was jailbroken. The current versions of the OS have been holding up but users are still downgrading to gain root access.  (Update: The current retail PlayBook OS 2.0 cannot currently be downgraded) RIM’s usually VERY quiet and media shy BlackBerry Security…


BlackBerry Bridge Gets Tiny Update to v2.0.0.26

Usually a BlackBerry Bridge update is a sign of an upcoming update to the BlackBerry PlayBook OS but I am not sure this time. RIM has updated the BlackBerry Bridge app in App World to v2.0.0.26 from the previous v2.0.0.25. That is just a tiny jump that probably just resolves a few bugs. Either way…


Sketch W Friends Multiplayer Pictionary Game Gets Free Trial

We mentioned Sketch W Friends earlier in the month as a cross platform mix between Pictionary and Charades for the PlayBook, iOS, and Android. The game is pretty cool but the one main downside was that there was no free trial for the $1.99 game. Now Xlabz has corrected that by releasing a free trial…

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