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Create More PlayLists for your PlayBook and BlackBerry using MP3Tag

Both BlackBerry Smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook support a very common format for playlists called M3U. The problem is that RIM only allows you to edit one playlist on both devices with the other ones having to be created using Desktop Manager, iTunes, or other tools I would rather not use. The M3U file format…


RIM Confirms the Four BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth Profiles Supported

While I know RIM is bringing support for more Bluetooth profiles soon they have been kind enough to publish exactly which ones are currently supported by the BlackBerry PlayBook. We already mentioned that the PlayBook shipped without the stereo headphones or headset profiles but those are coming soon. Here are the profiles currently supported by…


BlackBerry PlayBook Officially Supports Bluetooth Keyboards & Mice – Headphones Coming Soon!

We have seen from quite a few sources that the BlackBerry PlayBook supports Bluetooth keyboards and mice. This is a pretty cool feature since it means there are a plethora of Bluetooth devices that will work with it. Josep pointed out to us that RIM has even published a knowledge base article confirming the Bluetooth…


How To Perform a Hard Reset on the BlackBerry PlayBook

One of our readers, Devin, let us know about a cool tip for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Since the BlackBerry PlayBook does not have a removable battery it makes it impossible to perform a true hard reset of pulling the battery like you can on BlackBerry smartphones. Just to confirm what I mean by a hard…


How To Force The Latest OS Update on Your BlackBerry PlayBook using Desktop Manager

RIM is once again doing their rolling updates with the BlackBerry PlayBook OS updates. Some of you may have noticed your device is not getting notified with the latest update and I can kind of understand RIM trying to stagger out the 300mb downloads. Scott over at BBSync got a bit creative and found a…


HOT! WebKit Web Inspector on the BlackBerry PlayBook for Web Developers!!!

I have been begging RIM to release some form of WebKits Web Inspector for web developers since they released BlackBerry 6 with the Torch WebKit browser. It looks like they are finally listening with the BlackBerry PlayBook. I was sifting through the options in the browsers menu and ran across an option to “Enable Web…


Screenshot Feature Built Into BlackBerry PlayBook!

While at the BlackBerry PlayBook launch event last night I got a nice demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook from Mike Lazaridis. He pointed out a feature to me that is so critical yet I have not found it documented anywhere. It turns out that the BlackBerry PlayBook has a built in feature along with a…


RIM Simplifies Requests for Replacement Code Signing Keys

Back in August of last year I ran into the issue of having to replace my BlackBerry code signing keys. RIM does not document how to backup your code signing keys and move it between computers but there are ways to do that. On the other hand first time developers sadly usually learn this the…

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