Review: cheero 2in1 USB Cable with microUSB & Lightning connector

cheero 2in1 USB Cable with micro USB & Lightning connector Retail Packaging

We often use whatever USB cables that we can find to charge and sync our devices, but like anything that we have, not all are made equal. BlackBerry USB cables have traditionally been of pretty good quality, but as a stock cable, it may not be the best quality. That said, 3rd party generic microUSB cables are also available for cheap, however, quality may be questionable.

cheero 2in1 USB Cable with micro USB & Lightning connector retail label

Today, we got the Cheero 2-in-1 USB cable to play with. The problem of the USB cables are further compounded by the fact that Apple uses Lightning cable and requires the cable to be MFI or in essence, purchased and licensed by them directly.

Technically, we do not really need such certified cables, however, in order to share with our friend’s whom are unfortunately on the other platforms, we do need this.

The Cheero 2in1 USB Cable comes in 2 main parts. The first part is the cable itself with a MicroUSB connector and a USB head. On the MicroUSB end, we got a Apple mfi-certified lightning microUSB adapter attached to it.

cheero 2in1 USB Cable with micro USB & Lightning connector and the Original BlackBerry MicroUSB Cable White

Cheero Power Plus 3 Powerbank

For the purpose of this review, we will be pitting this cable against the likes of the Original White BlackBerry MicroUSB cable, using the Cheero PowerPlus3 Powerbank.

cheero 2in1 USB Cable with micro USB & Lightning connector with the test kit

So now, it is time to put it up to the test!

Hooking it up, we stress it out with a 1A load. As we can see, we achieved a 0.97A (If connected directly, we had 1.01A in the previous test).

On the other hand, for 2A load, we had a result of 1.82A (Previously we had a 1.97A of throughput when connected directly).

Evidently, from the test, we can see that the cable itself have already posed a certain amount of resistance.

Comparing this to the BlackBerry Cable:

The BlackBerry cable gave us a 0.93A and 1.68A output on 1A and 2A load respectively.

In conclusion, having a 2 in 1 cable is definitely useful, for those whom use microUSB based devices but have friends using lightning ports or have a lightning-based device but use many microUSB based accessories (such as powerbanks). The Cheero 2in1 USB Cable, despite being lighter, thinner than the original BlackBerry USB cable, is able to perform better than it.

Available for USD$14.99 on amazon, do check it out if you need some quality cables!

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