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Deafening Silence From BlackBerry on Cross Platform BBM Re-Launch

BBM (BBM) on Twitter-000583

If I got a dollar for every time I got asked about the rollout of cross platform BBM in the last week I would be a rich man. BlackBerry royally fumbled the groundbreaking release of BBM cross platform late last month. They blamed the issue on a leaked beta of BBM for Android but that excuse seems like a scapegoat for an underlying issue as time drags on. Andrew Bocking, Head of BBM at BlackBerry, promised to keep users up to date on the relaunch of BBM cross platform but sadly all we have been hearing is deafening silence. Even the Twitter @BBM account that was created to communication with users has been silent for over two weeks.

Its great to see BlackBerry finally breaking the sound barrier in Waterloo with something other than bad news but they really need to scramble and get in front of these issues. They have millions of potential BBM customers that they let down with the failed #BBM4All launch and they seem to have no interest in keeping them up to date on progress. Here is to hoping that BlackBerry has a follow up open letter to tell us what the holdup is and when they plan on relaunching…

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