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Are these Headlines about Mid-Nineties Apple or Present-Day RIM? (Quiz)

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A couple of our readers sent in a very interesting article by CantechLetter that draws on how off mark the press can be and how times change. The CantechLetter collected 10 article headlines and asked readers to guess which ones were about RIM recently and which were about Apple in the mid-nineties when Apple was in a similar transition period. They point out that things were even worse for Apple resulting in them taking a $150 million from Microsoft for much needed cash and dropping a long standing lawsuit.

I thought it would be fun to share those same headlines with all of you and seeing if you can tell which ones are about Apple in the nineties or RIM recently:

  1. “Company X should close shop” CNET
  2. “Company X’s CEO said to be out the door” San Francisco Chronicle
  3. “Why Microsoft Should Buy Company X” Windsor Star
  4. “Company X struggling as market share in U.S. keeps slipping” National Post
  5. “Company X: “Morgan Stanley Chops EPS Forecasts” Forbes
  6. “The Fall of an American Icon” BusinessWeek
  7. “Company X results will continue to disappoint” Reuters
  8. “Company X Holds School Market, Despite Decline” NY Times
  9. “Are Company X sales weaker than thought?” The Globe and Mail
  10. “Company X Expects it will Lose $700 Million” NY Times

Check out the answers over at CantechLetter and discuss it in the forums (Thx Techbc)!

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