How to add fonts to your BlackBerry smartphone (without an app)

For years, I was under the impression you could only install fonts with the assistance of an app. I recently found out that is not at all accurate. You simply need the a font in TrueType (.ttf) format. In this guide, for illustration purposes, I will be using the free (open source)  ‘Ubuntu-R’ font.

*WARNING: As we are editing/adding hidden system folders of the device, I can make no guarantee this won’t leave your device completely FUBAR. So please, only do this at your own discretion. I’ve only confirmed it working on OS 7 & 7.1 but it SHOULD work for all OS’ back to at least os5. Again I haven’t been able to test on many phones but I haven’t had a single problem either. If you are successful (or unsuccessful) with this method, leave a comment and let us know if it is working for you.*

One time setup

  1. Download a file manager you can handle zip files with(rock file manager, filescout etc.)
  2. Change options in your chosen file manager to show hidden files & folders
  3. Navigate to ‘/Device Memory/appdata/rim/’*
  4. Create a folder called ‘fonts’ inside of ‘/rim’

You should now have a created this directory ‘/Device Memory/appdata/rim/fonts/’*

*Note: Depending on the file manager, the directory ‘/Device Memory/’ may be called ‘/store/’.  In that case, the location of the fonts folder would be ‘/store/appdata/rim/fonts/’

How to install a font

  1. Find a font in TrueType format [.ttf] you’d like to use. In this example, I’m using the free ‘Ubuntu-R.ttf’
  2. A) Download the ‘Ubuntu-R.ttf’ file (this specific font is in a zip folder) | B) Unzip if necessary
  3. Rename ‘Ubuntu-R.ttf’ to ‘Ubuntu-R.font’
  4. Cut/Copy  ‘Ubuntu-R.font’ to ‘/Device Memory/appdata/rim/fonts/’

You should now have the (renamed) font located inside of the folder ‘/Device Memory/appdata/rim/fonts/’  aka ‘/store/appdata/rim/fonts/’


5. A quick reboot and the fonts should be available in your screen display settings.

*Note: The first time I did this, I had a font app installed & device encryption enabled and the fonts weren’t available after a reboot. If your having problems try turning off encryption before pasting the font or uninstalling your font app*

The font used for this tutorial is available for free here

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  1. The folder named fonts already exits in that location on OS 7.1

  2. I tried this, adding Ubuntu and Oakwood.
    After reboot, Oakwood show up in the font list, but Ubuntu did not.
    No idea why.
    Anyone can help ?

  3. Works with .otf fonts

  4. Does anyone know for sure if this will work with OS6. I would hate to mess up my Torch…

  5. Does this work for BB curve?

  6. Seems that it doesn’t work on a Curve (OS 5)… I can see the files in the file manager once I upload them, but won’t show up as fonts in Screen/Keyboard options.

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