Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

Review: Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headphones
[rating: 7]
Price: ~$96.87 at Amazon.com

Like many of you, I am always plugged in to my headphones. Sitting at my laptop working all day, I’ve either got a phone to my ear, or earbuds sitting in them. When Jabra announced the Jabra Sport, I thought this was the perfect item for me to try out.

After using these for the last week, I would say these headphones are very comfortable. As soon as you put them on, you forget that you are even wearing headphones. They stay in your ears well and do not feel loose. The freedom of having no wires attaching you to your phone, which would otherwise go flying when you walk away is amazing.

As one who has been using Shure headphones every day, I must say that the music quality on the Jabra Sport is mediocre. These will not be replacement headphones for any audiophile. That said, the music quality is not terrible, and if you’re using these while running at the gym, you may not notice the difference all that much with everything else going on around you.

Calls sound good on the headphones. I had doubts about the microphone being so far from your face, but I was quite impressed with it. Callers could hear me quite well in areas that had a decent amount of background noise. Hearing the call in both ears also makes it much easier to hear when you’re in a noisy surrounding.

One interesting thing I noticed, was that when placing calls while listening to music, the call would start off on the phone handset and switch over to the headset after 2 seconds. This wasn’t much of an issue but caused me to glance back at the phone to ensure I was still connected. This only occurred if music was playing at the time I placed the call, and in no other scenario I tried out.

Similar to other Jabra headsets, the Sport announces callers and informs you when the headset has been turned on or off, is in pairing mode, and allows for voice commands. These work fairly well, although I never completely trust voice commands, always double checking the screen to ensure it’s calling the right person.

Overall, these headphones are great for anyone who goes running outside or listens to music at the gym and wants freedom from wires and the ability to easily answer calls and switch back to their music afterwards, without taking a break from their workout. However, if you’re an audiophile, you may want to keep looking.

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  1. My husband bought me the Jabra Journey for Christmas. I’m not sure how to ask this but I saw the Jabra Sport where it advertising that you can run, jog, do exercising when you have that headset. I have a couple of hands free things that I put in my ear, but they are both uncomfortable. They don’t fit my ear. They feel like they are coming off. What do I need to buy that would fit my ear and not feel like it is coming off. They seem to be flimsey things that go over your ear. I am willing to pay more money and get me one that I can enjoy wearing.The item no. is 591733 What do I need

  2. I bought a set of these (Jabra Sport) in late December and regret it. The BT signal is pathetically weak, so the music cuts out if your arm is between the headset and the phone. Even flat out the volume is fairly low and as for Mil Spec rain etc. resistance … forget it: mine are dead (well, misbehaving to the point of being useless) after about 5 (very sweaty Brisbane summer) 45 minute runs. I have warranty issues because I bought them in Thailand and live in Australia, so I think I’ll just be binning them.

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