RIM Upgraded BlackBerry ID to v1.2.1 With New Password Reset Procedure

BlackBerry ID Password Lost

Normally we wouldn’t mention when RIM performs backend upgrades that don’t change much for end users but I found this one a bit interesting. RIM is moving in the right direction with BlackBerry ID consolidating your BlackBerry credentials all into one system. I am really hoping they move quickly and tie in other services like your BIS login soon along with backing up your whole device beyond what BlackBerry Protect does. Still RIM has treated BlackBerry ID as a sort of military strength credentials with precautions not usually seen in consumer solutions including everything short of two factor authentication. On the other hand they seem to becoming a bit more lenient. You can see what I mean below.

This past weekend they performed a maintenance upgrade to BlackBerry ID bringing it to version 1.2.1 bringing along the following updates:

  • RIM offers up a better self service password reset procedure for BlackBerry ID
  • RIM lowered the bar a bit so you no longer need to answer the security question to reset your password
  • On the other hand reset password emails will NOT be delivered to your BlackBerry so you will have to login to your email account tied to the BlackBerry ID to reset your password
  • You can still use the reset link from your BlackBerry if you login through webmail from the browser.

RIM has posted some instructions on how to perform the password reset procedure. (funny that they use a screenshot from Gmail in the instructions) I actually asked RIM on Twitter a bit back what a user would do if they no longer remember the security question they set on their BlackBerry ID account and I guess they realized they needed a process to address that. On the other hand they still have no way to deal with users who no longer have access to the BlackBerry ID email address or want to move purchases from one email to another (say you leave the company you work for).

Let us know if there is something else you think RIM should be adding to BlackBerry ID!

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