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FAQ: Find Out Exactly What Video and Audio Formats Your BlackBerry Supports

BlackBerry 9800 supported media I get asked quite often what media formats a BlackBerry supports. While some of them are obvious like MP3 files others are not. For example, do you know if BlackBerrys support the enthusiast FLAC or OGG audio codecs? (teaser :))

RIM happens to publish a PDF document titled: “Supported Media Types on BlackBerry Smartphones” (direct PDF link) that is the perfect guide to find what media files your BlackBerry supports. If your media file does not play natively on your BlackBerry they also offer some pretty nice instructions on how to get it to work by converting/transcoding the file. (Using some opensource software :))

Let us know if you still have any questions. Personally I love the XVID support on my 9800.

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  1. I just found that my T-Mobile Bold 9700 running the latest official OS plays FLAC files even though it’s not listed anywhere on any spec sheets I have found. A great find considering some people barely found out that BB Media Player 6 supports FLAC files.

  2. I bought at Verizon the blackberry storm 2 , 9550 under the understanding that this phone would meet all of my needs, which I explained clearly. I need a phone that is enabled with Flash Player Browser and Java enabled. I precisely stated that since I deal in the stock market, I needed access to TV for financial news and also for other sites that would display Streaming charts. To my dismay…It has been about 6 months and there is no existing flash player for the Blackberry storm 2.

    If anyone can give me hope for the short future if RIM or Verizon or Adobe will be making such an application for web browser viewing, please post it here.

    I have even attempted to see if SkyFire web browser would have any plans. But I am suspecting that there may be a lack of outstanding and effective programmers or not motivated enough to take this approach. I can’t believe that Adobe management nor Verizon management has anything wrong to do with this.

    If anyone knows of a Verizon phone that may take the adobe flash version 10 into a web browser is Java enabled… and can handle PDF files and Microsoft Office with Word , Excel, Access Database…..PLEASE CONTACT me. email: [email protected] or post here.

    All I heard is that Verizon have ANDROID phone are are Adobe Flash enabled. I just can’t believe it, because they were the ones that told me that my Blackberry storm 2 would also be the one with those capabilities.

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