Boost Mobile Prepaid Unlimited BlackBerry Plan – Verizon Also Getting Prepaid?

Boost-unlimited Boost Mobile has released their new prepaid unlimited BlackBerry plan (via RIMarkable) which is awesome but has one problem. They are only offering the dated BlackBerry Curve 8330 at a upfront cost of $249.99. The awesome part is that the plan is $60/month from practically unlimited everything except for BES. The unlimited plan includes unlimited calling along with web browsing, email, and a couple other features. Check out the full feature list after the jump. You can find all the details on Boost Mobile’s website.

In a similar vein the team @BerryScoop got word that Verizon is also working on a prepaid BlackBerry plan. There is no word on if it will be limited to older BlackBerrys but it will cost about $35 more than a prepaid voice plan.

This is the ultimate option if you want all the features the BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphone has to offer without being tied down by a contract. With unlimited talk, text, web and email on the BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited plan, you stay connected when you’re on the go. The BlackBerry smartphone strikes the perfect balance between functionality, design and usability by offering phone, personal email, contacts, calendar, expandable memory, GPS Navigation and enhanced web browsing as well as allowing you to enjoy your music, videos and pictures along the way.

  • Available with the BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphone from Boost Mobile
    • – Email & Enhanced Web Browsing (voice and data powered by the Nationwide Sprint Network)
    • – Access up to 10 additional email addresses (Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail, AOL, Microsoft Outlook Web Mail, IMAP, & POP Email Accounts)
    • – Connect to IM portals (BlackBerry® Messenger, Google Talk, AIM® , Yahoo!® Messenger)
    • – Social networks & Internet access (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter)
    • – Access to BlackBerry App World™
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited text, including multi-media messaging
  • Unlimited web with high-speed 3G data connection on the Sprint mobile broadband network
  • Unlimited email (up to 10 personal email accounts)
  • Voicemail and call waiting included
  • Long distance and nationwide network included
  • No contracts
  • International Connect for an additional $10/month:
    • – Unlimited calling to Mexico (select cities)
      *Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey (to landlines only)
    • – Unlimited calling to Canada
      *Excludes the Northern Territories (area code/city code 867)
    • – Unlimited international text messages worldwide from the U.S.
    • – Unlimited international text messages from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (CDMA Series phones)
    • – Add International Connect for $10/month
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  1. Such a shame that it’s only Boost America – sure would be nice to see Boost Australia do this…

  2. I have Straight Talk on the Verizon network. Bought it at Walmart and it’s an amazing deal. The Samsung Finesse is a very cool smartphone and paying only $45 a month for unlimited everything is the best deal going!

    Who needs a Crackberry or an iPhone? LOL!!

  3. Well, it’s now April, and no word from Verizon about its “plan” (I was wanting a non-contract plan for a Palm Centro I had laying around, but so far, no word at all). So,I decided to go with Boost’s BlackBerry plan, and so far I don’t think it’s been a mistake. Never mind the 8330 not being the proverbial Latest and Greatest; it’s a solid smartphone, and can be had *sans* contract, and with an all-you-can-eat voice/text/e-mail/Web plan, at a sane price, it’s rather hard to beat. Well worth leaving Verizon for, IMO.

  4. I started with Boost nearly a year ago and returned to a phone I had previously with AT&T – the Curve. Their $60 unlimited plan is a real money saver over my $110+ previous bills – saving $50 a month is pretty sweet these days.

    The Sprint powered calling network is giving me pretty dependable coverage with the ocassional dead zone. The internet can be a little slow depending on the area, but nothing I haven’t seen before.

    Speaking of dependable, Boost’s parent company Sprint has a whole new program out that is really helping people get and keep a cell phone.

    Their “Assurance Wireless” program is being in offered in five states and exclusively to low income, qualifying families and its an amazing deal. Qualifers can get both a phone and 200 minutes, with no fees or contract, for free a month with the potential to expand their program at. 10 a minute. While the program is new, I can only hope it will expand to more states and people who could also use a plan like this.

    I might not be low-income, but the savings would totally help me. Times are tough and having a cell phone is a must so click here for Sprint president’s email address: and let him know that everyone could use these savings.

  5. Kimmy: Rather interesting that Sprint has initiated that plan (Assurance Wireless), going where few others have bothered. They’ve been struggling a bit, but that means they’re likely eager to try harder (while Verizon has been seemingly working overtime to cheese-off their existing user-base lately).

    So far, I’ve been largely thrilled with my Boost BlackBerry 8330. Like you, I’m hardly made of money these days (to quote the Kinks’ song “Low Budget”, I count every penny and watch where it goes), and I’m convinced this is the best bang-for-the-buck plan going. As a freelance IT guy, I sometimes have to spend 20 minutes or so hand-holding a client through a tough situation, and it helps not to have to constantly “watch the meter”, worrying about my phone minutes fading away. Having the BlackBerry push e-mail is a MAJOR plus, also; I even gained a new client as a result of this feature.

    I don’t care if I don’t have the hot smartphone du jour, I have a smartphone that’s obviously more than good enough, and I’m not paying a King’s ransom monthly for the privilege. To paraphrase an even more famous song, you can’t always get what you want, but more often than not, you can get what you need.

  6. I’ve been using Boost’s BlackBerry since March and I like it a lot. It may not be the latest and greatest, but it does the standard smartphone things: email, IM, SMS, MMS, web, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube (via Xenozu) Twitter (via Twibble). For $60/month with no contract, I can’t complain.

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