WiFi Media Backup Automatically Uploads Files to Your PC

wifi-media-backup Chocolate Chunk Apps has just made Wi-Fi on your BlackBerry more useful with WiFi Media Backup. The new app lets you automatically upload photos, videos, and voice notes from your BlackBerry to your PC in the background. This is really just replicating the features of the Eye-Fi on your BlackBerry. The only thing they are missing is automatically uploading the pictures to Picasa and other photo sharing sites once it is on your PC.

The coolest feature is that you can install their PC media server on multiple PC’s on multiple different Wi-Fi networks. The app is currently on sale for $9.99 in the store until January 31st after which it goes up to $12.99.

The process is as simple as:

  1. Take a photo, video or voice-note on your Blackberry, anywhere and anytime.
  2. Return home or to the office – anywhere where you have a wifi network and PC (our free Media Server must be installed on this PC).
  3. Your photos, videos and voice-notes will auto-magically be uploaded to the PC over WiFi – all seamlessly in the background. You can now view all your Blackberry media on your PC – no cables, no Media Manager, no hassle!

If you pick up WiFi Media Backup let us know what you think!

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  1. Hey developers, I love this idea, but reversed. Sync my music files from my PC when on the same wi-fi network.

    I’m disappointed that I still have to physically plug my Blackberry daily in to my PC in 2010. I know that USB is faster, but being un-tethered would be so convenient that slower transfer rates would be just fine.

    While I’m at it, why is Blackberry the ONLY smartphone platform that doesn’t have a modem tethering via wi-fi app? (One that turns the Blackberry into a wi-fi hotspot. If there is one, please enlighten me.) I have a Sprint MiFi, but would love to get rid of it and its $60/mo. bill for the occasional usage.

    • Hey Matt,

      You may want to check out our other app Wifi File Transfer which is great for uploading music from your PC to BB (and vice-versa).

      The idea of this app is to transfer photos and videos taken on your BB automatically to your PC.
      The app automatically detects any photos, videos etc taken when the device is outside of your home wifi network, then when it detects your home wifi network again it will automatically transfer the new files to your PC for easy viewing/backup purposes.

  2. agreed, i would love to copy from pc to blackberry over wi-fi too.

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