MasterCard Canada Testing out PayPass Mobile BlackBerry Stickers

PayPass-BlackBerry-8800-pilot PayPass has really taken on some traction here in the US in the last few years with drug stores and even cabs in NYC supporting the technology. You just tap your credit card against the sensor and it charges you instead of swiping. There has been talk for ages of adding this feature to cellphones with a built in chip but it has yet to take off.

Now MasterCard and RIM have a new spin on how this could work. They are piloting a program in Canada where you stick a PayPass card to the back of your BlackBerry to make it a credit card. 🙂 This seems overly simplistic since I could technically super glue my current credit card to the back of my Bold… Still it looks like there are some interference issues they had to work out. You will also get a slick confirmation email of each transaction sent to your BlackBerry including details like the amount, location, and date. Hopefully that integrates with a BlackBerry app of some sort… Otherwise those emails will start flooding your inbox.

So anybody excited about sticking a PayPass card to the smooth leather back of their new 9700 Bold? 🙂

via CNW via IntoMobile

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