Compass Lite for the Storm – A GPS Powered Compass

compass One of the cool features in the new iPhone 3GS is the built in magnetometer that allows for actual compass features in an application. While the BlackBerry does not have this feature Blue Solutions decided to mimic it using the GPS in the Storm. This is not as useful since you need a GPS lock for it to work and you need to be moving but it is useful. On the other hand you could always use Google Maps and see which direction the arrow is pointing over the blue dot for free…

Either way Compass Lite for the Storm is a reasonable 99 Cents if you are interested.

From the description:

This wonderful ‘Ancient Mariner’ compass uses the built-in GPS in the device to show your line of travel, speed, latitude and longitude and where North is in relation to your heading. To establish a line of travel, you must be moving.
This is the precursor to our more fully-featured Storm Compass, due out in several months. Owners of Compass Lite will receive a discount when upgrading to Storm Compass.


  • Wonderful graphics
  • The red arrow in the compass rose always points to True North and updates when your location changes
  • Requires access to the internal GPS
  • Coming soon to the Tour!
  • This is not an iPhone compass! It uses GPS and not a built-in magnetometer. BlackBerry phones do not have a built-in magnetometer.

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