StormSweeper: Free Minesweeper Game for BlackBerry Storm

stormsweeper Larry let me know about this new free game from Backroom Software for the Storm. The game is essentially a minesweeper clone so if you have used a Windows PC in the last 15 years you know what that is. 🙂 The only catch for the free download is that you need to download their CM library before the game but that is not that big of a hassle.

Download below:

  1. First download the CM Library OTA
  2. Then download the game at this link

From the description:

Minesweeper clone. Has three board sizes (Small – 8×8, Medium – 10×10, Large – 12×12) and four difficulties (Beginner – 10 mines, Intermediate – 20 mines, Hard – 30 mines, Expert – 40 mines). Keeps track of the fastest time you complete each of the combinations (Small-Easy, Small-Intermediate, etc). The clock starts as soon as the board is laid out, and you can pause using the BB menu. Allows you to display the best time for the current combination you are on. Touch the screen to mark the mines and click the screen to open up the field. Question marks will open unless they are a mine. Flags will never open, even if clicked.

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