When a Case Costs More Than What it Protects…

diamondberry I am always puzzled when I see a $800+ purse at Macy’s. Many people carrying them have less than that amount of money inside the purse itself. I know I have less than $200 in my own $25 Fossil wallet… That is why I was scratching my head while looking at the list of swanky over priced cases that our buddy Al Sacco of CIO.com compiled. Why would you get a $20,000 or even a $500 case for a device that cost you less than that. Even $200 is WAY over the top in my humble opinion.

If you are just looking for fashion I think a new theme would go a long way. If you really wanted to personalize a $100+ Colorware job is not unheard of. On the other hand a diamond encrusted Bold or Pearl or any BlackBerry is just idiotic as far as I can tell. It essentially ties something that holds value to something that loses value very quickly. What are you going to do with a diamond encrusted Pearl or even a Bold in 2 years?

Just look at the diamond encrusted Pearl to the right. That custom job runs for about $17,200 + delivery… Un-flipping-believable!

Check out the rest of the list Al compiled at CIO.com

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  1. Like you, I’ve wondered the same thing over the years.

    I’ve come to call it the Suze Orman syndrome: spending money you don’t have to impress someone you don’t even know.

    It’s like any other “luxury item” in our label-obsessed world. Of course, such a remark will invariably bring an incredibly defensive response from a number of people, which is their right, and I respect that.

    But consider this: I believe it was Somerset Maugham who once said something to this effect:

    People react most angrily and violently to statements which contain the greatest amount of truth.

  2. Would only be un-flipping believable if you had an 8220 (ducks)

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