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Mobile Industry Trying To Standardize Energy Efficient MicroUSB Chargers

differentUSBconnections The GSMA (The global GSM Association) is really pushing to standardize MicroUSB as the universal charger for phones by 2012. The group is aiming to have the majority of chargers use MicroUSB by Jan 2012. RIM is already on their way with the Storm, 8900, & 8220 sporting MicroUSB. I guess my 10 MiniUSB chargers will be migrating to my junk technology box sooner than I hoped. Maybe this will drive down the price of adapters from MiniUSB to MicroUSB…

These new chargers will have a 4 star or higher efficiency rating which can be up to three times more energy efficient when compared to an unrated charger. They also claim this will lead to 50% less chargers being manufactured each year. Hopefully this does not mean that the charger will no longer come with a phone. I was pissed when printer companies stopped shipping cables with their printers!

via Press Release

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