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Viigo’s “Send Article Via E-Mail” Gets Revamped – Now Uses Native Email Client

When I downloaded the latest Viigo Tango beta I did not notice a small change that they made to how the application works. I am constantly sending RSS articles by email to myself or friends and was always a bit peeved about how Viigo did not use the native email client. Their latest update is two steps forward and one step back…

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It used to be that when you used Viigo’s “Send Article Via E-Mail” it would open a Low-Fi email client to send the message. This had many drawbacks including: 1) It would always send from your default address 2) It would not auto complete recipients in the To: field 3) It had no spell check or auto capitalization 4) You had to wait a few seconds for it to call a server and convert the HTML into plain text or else you sent your friends HTML.

The latest update in Viigo uses the native RIM email client to compose messages. It also follows the BlackBerry’s built in memory of what email address you use to send email to each particular address. This is great and it fixes all of the gripes I had before but adds a new one. Now every time you want to send a article via email you need to wait for Viigo to connect to the internet for an average of 6-7 seconds (I timed it on my Bold with 3G in Midtown Manhattan) and then it will pop up the compose screen. Really annoying!

It is worse for me since this means I cannot send articles by email while I am on the subway without reception. It will just time out and show me an error after a few minutes. Also if you try to send an article by email while Viigo is updating your feeds it will wait until the update is complete before popping up the compose screen. Sometimes it will take upwards of a minute to pop up the compose screen.

I just thought I would make everybody aware about this change. Personally I think it is a great step in the right direction by Viigo but needs a few tweaks. I am not sure why it needs a data connection to compose an email. On the other hand the auto complete for addresses is a welcome update along with the auto capitalization.

You can pick up the latest version at

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  1. I like this feature. Since I am on a BES I don’t want to send everything I find on Viigo from my work address.

  2. I like everything about this (you should know, I’ve sent you what 30 articles in the past few days!), EXCEPT I have spell check set to always and when Viigo hands off to email compose it wants to spell check the pasted text. Annoyance, but improved composing is worth it.

  3. this is nice…


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