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StormLock – A Commercial Storm Screen Locking App – $2.95

stormlock A bit back we told you about TalkLock that would automatically lock your Storm screen when you were on a call. It was free so many people stopped complaining that RIM did not offer this built into the Storm. The guys at Zaventh took things one step further with their commercial app by adding a few features that some people may think are worth the cheap $2.95 price tag.

The feature set includes:

  • Prevents screen-press nightmares.
  • Auto activates when on a call.
  • Clean and natural interface.
  • Simple button press to deactivate.

At first I thought this sounded exactly like the feature set for the free TalkLock application and decided it was not worth mentioning. I then did a bit of research and found that there is a reason some people are ponying up the $2.95 for StormLock and its not because they did not know about TalkLock.

For example, this forum post on CrackBerry by OME6A compares the two. Essentially OME6A points outs the differences:

  • StormLock does not show up in the running applications list
  • It uses less memory
  • StormLock starts up instantly without a delay like TalkLock
  • Does not get unlocked by your face sliding on the screen (only by hitting the back button)
  • Does not have the Cellavant logo on it instead it just shows the main screen grayed out

I do not have a Storm so I cannot comment either way but I thought it was worth a mention.

StormLock is available in the store for $2.95 at this link but does not have a free trial. If you are still looking for the cheaper way to go I can whole heartedly recommend the free TalkLock over nothing at all. Let me know what you have found in the comments since I may be wrong… 🙂

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  1. I have talklock it works great and the delay is only a second or two the time it takes you to put it to your ear. I customized the background so its nicer then a grayed out screen.

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