EveryHour Beta – Sound Notification Every Hour

8100 Tashanna let me know that BerryBlow has released a public beta of their new EveryHour app. It essentially makes a sound on the hour every hour based on your preferences…

Not sure why you would want such a thing but this is the second app of the sort that I have seen. Sound like something you could use? Saved by the bell? Maybe people miss having their grandfather clock tolling the hour?

If you are still interested, EveryHour is free during the beta period: Desktop Install | OTA Install

From the description:

EveryHour is a simple and cool application that notifies BlackBerry owner about clock event: hour event. EveryHour uses sound notifications to notify about the event. User can choose one of predefined sound, choose volume and other settings.

  • Every hour sound notifications
  • Customize active period (from and to intervals)
  • Single and multi sound notification type
  • Customize sounds for notifications (single sound, clock chime, cuckoo)
  • Set volume
  • Set active on weekend option
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  1. Pretty neat. I have my Mac do this. Ill try it out and see. I predict though it won’t last long because I won’t be able to get the mac and bberry to chime at the same time.

  2. Downloaded. Sound selection is kind of weak. Would be nice if you could load your own sounds. Even better would be if there was an option for it to “speak” the time…”Its One O’Clock”

  3. Cool app πŸ™‚

  4. Good program, works as described!

  5. “Free during the beta period”? Sounds like such a limited use case that it should be free after the beta period.

  6. Very clever idea. The sounds are too weak, I can hear the sound loud at home but when I was trying to impress my mates at the mall, I couldn’t because the sound is too low for that conditions even when on high volume setting. Especially the cuckoo, which I love for being a classic.

    • “I was trying to impress my mates” – Okay, seriously.. Do you really think they would have been impressed if the sound was loud enough?

  7. I tested the sound on ygr street and is the same. It is true that it would be a good idea to allow users to choose their own sounds.

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