QuickPull – another free soft-reset application.

Hakim just made us aware of a new, free software similar to ‘Soft Reset’ called QuickPull. From the makers of AutoStandby and BerryAnnoying, QuickPull frees memory quickly by simulating a “battery pull” soft reset. Easy and convenient to use, QuickPull is compatible with almost all BlackBerry devices, including the Storm. I’m not sure what the differences are (if any) between this app and SoftReset but details can be found below and access to the free app can be found at our store.


  • FREE
  • Simulates a “battery pull” equivalent reset
  • Frees available memory
  • Combats memory leaks
  • Less than 30k in size
  • Easy push-button use

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  1. I got a java.lang.illegalargument error with this first time I tried to use. I have an 8320 with I decided to take my batter out to see if that could fix it. Ironic no?

  2. Well I can't get this to work without errors. What a waste of time! I was very hopefully this would work after the reviews from the BerryReview Store, but alas its not to be.

  3. This is sort of pointless. Take the 2 seconds to remove your battery cover and pull the battery, or better yet, do Alt+Right Shift+Del. Saves memory and it does the same thing.

  4. yer like above, pointless Alt caps del does the same thing

  5. I too also had the same error listed above. It appears it does not work with the storm 🙁

  6. Useless!!!

  7. Worked for me and no alt caps and del does not do the same thing. I got it to download successfully. Thanks. Now I don’t have to go through the trouble to pull my case off.

  8. I contacted the developer and sent him the log files so they can find the cause of the error, I had the same one as Nikolaus but on my BB Bold.

  9. I haven't tried this app out (and you're all obviously having issues with it), but I do have Soft Reset on my Pearl.

    Soft Reset itself was made for the Pearl since there is no Alt-Shift-Del equivalent on a Pearl.

    Users of other devices started using it for a few different reasons.

    As was explained to me one of those reasons is that alt-shift-del and a battery pull or using a soft reset program are not the same thing. They should be, but apparently they're not. For some reason some users found issues that weren't resolved with alt-shift-del would be resolved with an actual battery pull or using the Soft Reset program. Not sure why this is, but if you read different forums you'll notice they generally tell you to do a battery pull, not hit alt-shift-del. There's some disparity between these two supposedly equal actions.


  10. There are also a lot of users who use second skin type cases who can't do a battery pull in 2 seconds, let alone 30. It takes a while to get certain cases off and having a soft reset program is much faster and more convenient for them.

    By the way, for a possible fix to the error, you may want to have a look here


  11. Doesn't this just do the same thing as 'alt', 'shift', 'del'?

  12. These type apps free more memory than alt+cap+del. And like was said, a LOT of us have devices not compatible with alt+cap+del (Pearl, Pearl Flip, Storm) or have a skin/case that is a PITA to take off for a pull. So not useless at all IF it works! Off to try it on my VZW 8830 running

  13. I've had this app on my BB Bold for about 2 weks now. I've used it at least 2 or 3 times a day. It works just fine on my BB Bold. No error messages at all.

  14. First time i ran it…no probs. So far so good….i have no complaints yet. 🙂 I will still do the battery pull of course but to have something like this to use sometimes is good i guess. 🙂

  15. I have a BlackBery pearl and when I try to download this file it gives an error message that the cod file is invalid. Really think that this programme is a great help to us pearl users who have to physically remove the battery every time. Please help me as to how to get this software.

  16. I also have the “java.lang.illegalargument” with 1.1.2 on an 8320 with Tmobile’s 4.5. ( (Platform )

    Any updates?

    To those who think this utility is pointless: The KEY REASON for using this in my case is to schedule a nightly reboot at 4am. Why? Because it will free up all memory being consumed by bad software leaks…. It is a very common practice to reset software periodically if that software is to run non-stop 24×7 and that software is not rock solid….

  17. No keyboard combo on storm to reset. While pulling battery works, it often causes batter seating to become loose leading to other problems; great if it doesn’t do it to you for 1000+ pulls, but…

    In any case, the scheduling of an auto reset is nice. I don’t have to wait 60s (or whatever) for a reboot since it does it automatically before I wake up.

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