Blackberries in India: the good side

Yesterday, Greg wrote:

In the aftermath of the terror attacks in India last week, it has been discovered that the terrorists were found with BlackBerry devices on them.

But how surprising is that really? What century and decade is this again? Well, it turns out that the Blackberry is just a tool after all, and a very useful one. Tools can be put to many uses, from the most nefarious to the most innocent or bravest or probably whatever use you want them to have.

That’s pretty much the story that Mark Abell has to tell. He is a survivor of the terrorist attack in the Trident-Oberoi hotel and describes how useful his faithful Blackberry was in what is probably the most terrifying situation in his life so far. Check out the video here.

If you can’t access the video, you can also read this story. It involves someone else, but it’s quite similar. Actually, I liked this one better. It features more details.

The lesson behind these stories is nothing that we don’t already know: being connected to as many people and for as long as possible is A Good Thing™.

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