Sprint Roundup – Keeping iDEN – 8350i Pricing – New Early Termination Fees

8350i Lots of news coming out about Sprint over the weekend. I thought I would just consolidate it into one post to not annoy everybody who never has or never will be a Sprint customer.

First of all Sprint announced that it plans to keep its dying iDEN network and will try to revive it. They decided it was worth keeping since they could not find anybody to buy it for at least $5 billion. Kind of sad if you consider that they bought it for $35 billion in 2005. They also got a waiver from the FCC to gradually vacate the frequencies that were troubling public safety communications. via Reuters via BBCool

Second of all BlackBerry Cool managed to score some insider information about the upcoming 8350i iDEN Curve pricing. According to their source, Mike, the new device will be $479.99 retail and $249.99 with a 2 year contract with an additional $100 mail-in rebate bringing it down to $149.99.

Last of all Sprint revealed their new prorated early termination fees. They are the last on the bandwagon after Verizon, AT&T, & then T-Mobile started prorating ETF. Beginning Nov 2nd they will start prorating contracts after the 6th month by $10 each month. That means it could drop to as low as $50 before your contract is up. Personally I still don’t think it makes sense since according the the subsidized device argument the ETF should be $0 when the contract is up… Check out the details in their press release.

Thanks to everybody who sent these in!

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  1. Starting 6 months in you have 18 months left right? $10/month is $180 over those 18 months. Maybe that’s close enough that they waive the rest?

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