Mac BlackBerry Users 2nd Class Citizens – Any Hope?

Mac BlackBerry users have always gotten 2nd class support from RIM over the years. Things looked like they were improving with RIM offering PocketMac free and the MissingSync offering a decent solution for basic sync. On the other hand Mac users cannot even upgrade a BlackBerry OS without a Windows Machine or Parallels/BootCamp. The funny part is that I have quite a few good friends you are Apple fans who fight the good fight and are complete BlackBerry fans. Its just a shame that BlackBerry Desktop Manager has never been made available for the Mac OS.

blackberryformacJust one look at the pitiful BlackBerry For Mac page on RIM’s website lets you know that even they don’t take Mac support seriously. RIM has more content about the ICQ client they released than Mac support information. I guess RIM thinks they should either bite the bullet or get an iPhone…

Al at has a source at RIM that told him straight out that RIM has plans to change this. According to his source RIM plans to release a new set of Mac compatible tools in 2009 to solve this issue for Mac users. RIM is also moving to a OTA strategy with OTA updates and such but I doubt that will ever completely replace Desktop Manager. Especially when you take media conversion/management into consideration.

Here is to hoping Al’s source is right. On the other hand who in their right mind uses a Mac… 🙂 (Joke)

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