Rove Mobile Admin 4.1 Released – What Happened To The Rest Of Their Products?

mobileadmin In my opinion Rove just executed a terrible move. They just combined their Mobile SSH and Mobile Desktop application into their flagship Mobile Admin solution. The problem is that the Mobile Admin solution costs $595 compared to the $95 that Mobile SSH used to run for. Why would they do such a thing? Also if you have a license for Mobile SSH or Mobile Desktop you will have to pay $295 if you want to upgrade to Mobile Admin and get any new updates. Why would I pay $295 to upgrade from a $95 product that was working just fine???

Also their free applications, Rove File Manager (FTP) and Rove Viewer (Screenshots), are nowhere to be found on their website anymore. If you click on their solutions page all you see is Rove Mobile Admin…

This is a sad day for Rove… I hope they at least bring back the free FTP client (Rove File Manager).

If you are interested in Mobile Admin check it out at To get the upgrade price you will need your login credentials to the website that they sent out a few months back.

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  1. What a shame. I have really been waiting for their screen capture software to finally support OS 4.5 and higher.

  2. BTW, the true cost of Mobile Admin 4.1 is $702.10 to purchase or $402.10 to upgrade a copy of mobilessh because you are now forced to buy at least a 1 year maintence at a cost of $107.10.
    So they replaced a $95 product with a $700 one…

    $95 was REALLY pushing it for what I would spend on an ssh client, no way would I spend $700 and it would not be easy to get a company to spend $700 on software for 1 person either, alot of places see this as a time saver for YOU, not them.

    Chances are you are on-call and salary if you are considering this product, so its your job to get to a computer and fix it quickly anyway.

  3. Wow. What a horrible decision. The Rove ssh client has been a life saver in emergencies, when I’ve been caught without my laptop (or too lazy to get it).

    I grudgingly handed over the $95 for this… But there is no way I would pay more.

    I can’t imagine anyone who would.

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