Pocket Informant For BlackBerry Public Beta! 40% Off During Beta

I know many people have been waiting for this since they have been building up quite a bit of hype. I received an email from Pocket Informant about the beta release.


You can read about the release on their forums the download links are at the bottom of this post. NOTE: Make sure to read bullet #4.

This is the Pocket Informant for BlackBerry Public Beta.

A few notes:

  1. If you are using OS 4.5 – make sure you are using a supported OS 4.5 build. Some 4.5 builds cause crashes, exceptions, and so on that are not fixable by us as they are bugs in that build of the OS. Some 4.5 builds will not sync data to PIBB.
  2. PIBB uses its own database because the BB calendar databases are pretty anemic and also change from version to version and it creates its own set of issues. PIBB therefore currently SYNCS data between its database and the BB database. We will be releasing a direct Outlook sync to PIBB after 1.0 ships. PIBB can auto-sync between the BB/PIBB databases if you set it to do so.
  3. There are some known issues with this build:
    – Exception/hang when canceling a call
    – When synching very large databases in the background and using PIBB at the same time, sometimes the RIM Database APIs crash.
  4. This release is provided just as if it was a final software package and works in both Trial and Registered modes. Without a serial number it will work in Trial mode which is limited to 100 Contacts, 10 appointments, and 10 tasks. In order to unlock PIBB and get it in Registered mode you will need to purchase a key. During this beta you can purchase PIBB for 40% off the SRP of $19.95. The purchase link is here: Buy PIBB Here
  5. If you would like to run an older (by a few weeks) build of PIBB that is not in trial mode before buying but that will give you a decent idea of how things work, you can download the original PIBB Preview here.
  6. To report bugs, issues, and so on just reply back to this topic. Do not send them to support…
  7. There are 2 ways to install. Desktop and OTA. Desktop uses a Desktop EXE installer to install PIBB. You must choose based on your OS which version to install. OTA will be through your BB Browser. The only optional file is the icon pack which installs all the icons. Make sure you uncheck the OS version you don’t have.. I am still working on the desktop installer to auto-detect.
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  1. I’m trying to download OTA from my Berry and I don’t know which to download. (8130 4.3)
    1.- Parent Directory pocketinformant-1-cod
    2.- pcketinformant-2-cod
    6.- pocketinformant.alx
    7.- pocketinformant.cod
    8.- pocketinformant.jad; And so on…
    Please help

  2. Click on the JAD link. If it’s all set up correctly, you should get it downloaded and installed.

  3. Thank you Jerry, it installed perfectly. 🙂

  4. Realy nice program, I like this much, setting in french (about menu) language doesn’t work, I get crash.

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