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For some reason the latest OS 4.5 for the 8100 series is much harder to find online. I just got a tip from Secret Agent 003 that the latest OS beta for the 8100 is now making its rounds on the web. Sadly this leaves 8110, 8120, & 8130 users out in the cold but at least OS is around for the 8110 & 8120.

Point in fact of where you can find OS for the 8100:

Let us know if you find any bugs

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Does this work for ATT users? or is it just plain anybody…

  2. I installed it. It has been trying to boot up for about 30 min now.

    Did I just brick my berry?

  3. Ouch…I’m installing it now and the file looks similar to the ATT previous files…
    It erased everything and now it’s installing the new apps.
    I’ll post again when it’s done.

  4. BTW, where did you get this file from? how come it’s not official? just because it’s Beta?

  5. James…yes that is normal. It might take up to 45 min just for the restart. I do remember that from the previous official firmwares…they do take forever…be patient.

  6. All is good but camera 🙁

  7. I am back up looks cool going from 4.2 to 4.5. But where is the HTML??? Oh by the way when I say I am up and running that just means it works. But it keeps resetting itself.

  8. When will the camera be fixed to work properly? Does anyone here know what is wrong with it?

    It continually, with every build, is very dark and the flash doesn’t work right.


  9. Random restarts, screen resets (icons that were there when it was installed are still there, they don’t hide when you hide them after the random/manual restart with the battery removal)
    Camera works…
    Documents to go activated: not tested yet
    Media players are very unstable…very, actually most of my restarts are when I try to use either media player or music player.
    Advice: Backoff and don’t install this version…very bad, looks good but very bad, not worth it now…
    Stability is horrible although the new design seems promising with the new programs preinstalled.

  10. Wow! I just watched a 4 min long youtube video on my phone! My camera works fine along with voicerecording and no resets for the past 5 hours. Booting up was superslow though. I’m satisfied. I don’t know why ppl are encountering all these problems. Still getting a bold though.


  11. No way Jose…I’m back with 4.2 now. I can wait for a couple of months….I’m not in a rush.
    Restoring was a pain because of the random reboots and it’s finally up and running now…
    I won’t run the risk again.
    ATT user.

  12. If you are experiencing “random reboots” and have a microSD card. Try removing it. Or better still back it up and reformat it within BB and restore contents at a later stage.

  13. Thanks for the tip pdm, it was my memory card that was acting up on me. I might need a new one. It’s up and running now like a dream with 4.5, thanks guys.
    Oh, the camera works BTW

  14. thx PDM, your reply about random reboots helped.

  15. Hi, I upgraded my pear to 4.5 but I am kinda not satisfied. Media browsing is super slow. How can i downgrade to OS 4.2 that came pre-installed on my pearl? What’s the procedure of downgrading?

  16. The memory card is definitely the issue causing the random reboots. I found that out months ago. Try not to use your computer to move files to/from your memory card. That seems to be what triggers it.

  17. Its not just the memory card perse, it was the files I had. Something is wrong somewhere and I can’t point a finger on a specific file. Even with my new card, files transferred from my computer via usb cable to my phone, still get random reboots.
    Regarding the camera, the iso setting doesn’t change. It takes nice pictures indoors but white pictures outdoors and in bright light. Documents to go works very nice, I was able to download a doc file from my yahoo email using mini opera and it worked very nicely.
    Youtube works for some files but not sure what the reason was, I’ll post again if I get anymore updates.
    The best theme I like us the L form type.
    Any other discoveries out there?

  18. I’m trying to tether my 8100 with my laptop and I get error 734: the PPP link control protocol was terminated….after the verifying user name and password part. Any suggestions? I didn’t make any changes in my tethering settings at all and it was working fine with 4.2 previously, any suggestions?

  19. I upgraded my ATT BB Pearl 8100 to OS 4.5 and it seems to be slow. I missed one of the steps where you have to delete the vendor.xml file but I did a battery pull and it seems to be ok. There is one thing tough….. I thought the upgrade would enable video recording on the 8100 but I do not see that. The upgrade for my curve 8310 enabled it. Is there something I’m doing wrong thats not ebnabling the video recording feature on the 8100?


  20. i am running on .46 nothing seems to stop the rebooting problem. did the format of the memory card. this may seem like a ridiculous question. how do i move media from my computer to my card and which version of the dm has the roxio?

  21. EJ, The blackberry website as I recall don’t show that they have a version 4.5 Desktop manager but it’s there on the website.


    download the one that says:
    Desktop Manager 4.5.0 B16 Multilanguage – With Media Manager

    * File name: 450_b016_multilanguage.exe
    * File size: 276.72487 MB
    * Date posted: 20-Jun-08

    That version is the latest and has the Roxio built in it.

    You can move media from your computer to your cell phone by activating the Mass storage ability in your phone, here’s how to do it:

    In your Blackberry phone:
    Select: options
    Then: Media card
    Then: Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected: Change this to “prompt” so you can either allow it or disallow mass storage everytime you connect your Blackberry to your computer.
    When connected: you will be asked to either say: Yes or No to mass storage with a check mark for: don’t ask me again
    If you want it on: Just hit Yes.


  23. IJust went from 4.2 to 4.5.52. It does have camera bugs.The camera seems very unstable and don’t look right. Didn’t get any video recording like everyone was saying. Whenever I get a call or text my top corner led stays on and will not go off till reboot. Some youtube videos play…but not very well. They lag severely on mine. That could be network tho I dunno. Color pearl won’t work on this os. 4.2 is far more stable. But 4.5 looks way better. Beauty and the beast. I may downgrade if I can’t fix the lag. Its that bad. Any help? Thanx.

  24. I am having a problem tethering my pearl 8100 to my lap top. I am getting error 734-the PPP link control protocol was terminated…Kindly advice

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