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Josep sent me a link to a post by rpol8052 on PinStack. Turns out that there is a maintenance update available for Documents To Go on OS 4.5. The update brings you up from 1.000.080 to version 1.002.016. No idea what changed other than the addition of Sheets To Go which is a spreadsheet application. If your an obsessive upgrader or just need Excel file support… Keep in mind that the update is 2.2 Megabytes.

The catch is that you have to register to get the update. They don’t ask for much information but they do want permission to spam you about upgrading to the premium version. They want your last name, address, city, and email. All the other fields don’t have an asterisks by them so I guess they are optional. The update is free but they do keep on trying to sell you on the $69 upgrade. That is going to get old real quick…




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  1. I have had this for about a week. The problem is every time I run Desktop Manager it downgraded me to the previous version. Any way around this?

  2. I would assume downloading a .exe and installing it on your computer then plugging in your blackberry so that the .exe would overwrite the files in the blackberry folder on your computer. Thats if you registered I think.


    Install the latest Desktop Manager go to Application Loader then click on details (when you seleted Documents to GO) it will show you all the COD files that is associated with it, to go C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8320-v4.5.0.46_P2.7.0.63\Java select the appropriate files, CUT them and Make a New Folder outside that folder called “Removed Modules” then Paste them into that folder.

    I am not sure if it will work or nuke your berry, but you have the updated version on your phone so it should not delete it when you plug in your blackberry or even downgrade because there are no files for it to downgrade to.

    Try at your own Risk 🙂 I used this method to free space from my blackberry all the time so it has worked with me.

  3. By the way there might be an easier way but that my 2 cents 🙂 I haven’t updated Docs to GO so I don’t know, let me know if you found another way or tired this method.

  4. Man..So many typos sorry for spamming.

  5. I can’t register to get this update because when I try I get an error message “The selected server returned an error when attempting to fullfil your request.” I am running on an 8320.

  6. Sure wasnt a Server Problem, you should give it a try again.

  7. I got the error again and again, but eventually and suddenly it worked. Don’t be too afraid of the 2.2MB install, because I only lost about 1MB of total memory before and after install, so it replaces about 1MB of the pre-installed Docs to Go.

  8. I found the solution to the downgrade issue on the dataviz website.

  9. I entered the website under website but just figured out that makes the link for my name. So click on my name, or here:

  10. Hello, I had the upgrated version of documents to go but when I updated some applications on my blackberry device the documents to go software downgraded and now I don’t know hot to get the latest version again since every time I try to get it it keeps on telling me that it can not be installed… can somebody help me out????

  11. I have an 8830WE and when I try to download the upgrade, it gives me a “907:Invalid cod” error. Is this a problem on my end, or is the archive corrupted? Anything would help. thx

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