FAQ: Add Birthday & Anniversary Dates To Contacts

Greg pointed out to me that his OS 4.2.2 BlackBerry Curve does not have the option to set a contacts Anniversary and Birthday. On my 8310 with OS 4.5 I have the following options when I edit a contact. (I think OS 4.3 also has this option) The contacts birthday then shows up in my calendar:


The address book then adds a recurring calendar entry for the contacts birthday. The only downside is that it only gives it a 15 minute reminder so you will be reminded at 11:45PM the day before your friends birthday. You would have to enter the calendar and edit this to change the reminder.


Anybody have a better way to insert and sync birthdays and anniversaries with their Berry? I know a few people were using custom field mappings with Desktop Manager. Or is this just another good reason to upgrade to OS 4.5?

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  1. I add all important birthdays to Google Calendar then use the sync program Google offers to keep it synced up with my berry. It works great, if you want to change the reminder, you can do it while entering the data into Google Calendar. I also use it for any tasks I have to do, etc. It works like a charm

  2. Dunno if it’s “better”, but I do it in Outlook and they’re updated each time I sync.

  3. If you go to Calendar Options > General Options, you can change the “Default Reminder” time to anything you want.

  4. I have an 8330 with 4.3 and I can add birthdays and anniversaries. As for updating I add them on my home computer and sync using desktop manager I have it set to sync when I connect my BB. Fyi I’m not on a bes so its not locked out.

  5. I was syncing with Outlook but it puts the Birthday under notes on the device and I was getting multiple Birthdays showing up on the same day. So I just deleted all but the top one.

    Now with OS 4.3+ I’ve added them under the contact in the address book.

    One thing that I do now though, is change the time from an all day event to an hourly event. That way it shows on the Today Screen, otherwise you only get the reminder as a notification.

  6. Hey,

    You can just add a full day event which is repeated yearly. That way, no matter how you see the calendar, you will see the anniversaries. Also, by doing this, you can sync it with any software(google calendar and outlook included).


  7. My Blackberry Curve does not have the section to enter birthday (or anniversary) in the contacts section. is this a bug?
    It does however transfer the information from Outlook (if I have the opportunity to enter the birthday in Outlook – which is infrequent).

  8. Hi Catherine,
    Upcoming BlackBerry OS (4.5+) does have a Birthday and Anniversary section in your contact list.
    Going on the strength and stability of the current OS 4.5 Beta’s then an official release won’t be too far away.
    Greg Myers

  9. I have a Pearl 8110 and I have a problem: I registered some anniversay dates in Outlook, I syncronize with BB, the date is imported correctly in my BB contacts but it does not show it in my calendar, nor notifies me of it. How can I solve this?

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