Verizon 8830 With OS 4.5 Found In The Wild

First things first. No we do not know where to download OS 4.5 for the 8830. With that done Matt just sent me an image that he posted on CrackBerry forums of his Verizon BlackBerry 8830 running OS 4.5. The specific version is OS In guess Verizon is testing out the new OS. I thought it would definitely take them a year until they even thought of doing an OS upgrade. I wonder when they will release it or if they are even planning on doing so.


Thanks for the pic Matt!

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  1. We VZW 8830 customers are desperate for this!
    It was noted on some ‘berry site like 3 or 4 months or more ago that 4.5 had gone to all the carriers for carrier certification. Based on reports we’ve seen of what VZW’s device certification process is like, no surprise it would take them probably 6 months from receiving it from RIM. Sure as hell HOPE it doesn’t take them a YEAR! Since the 4.3.x that’s been posted for Sprint CDMA Pearl’s is reported to “fix” the memory leak, let us HOPE that this also has that fix!

    Anybody that’s running the 4.5.0.x builds on their GSM ‘berry having memory leak issues?

  2. So I’m curious… if I load Sprint’s 4.3.x for their Pearl onto my Verizon Pearl will it “brick” my phone?

    The memory leak is definitely getting on my nerves lately – it’s yet to bite me, because I monitor it, but it’s getting old.

  3. Ben, I’ve been told all sorts of things about “other carrier” OS. I’ve even been told loading either Sprint or Bell 8830 OS on my VZW 8830 would free up the GPS for example. But I’ve also been told they would brick my phone. So…I haven’t tried much as I WANT to. Can’t afford the down time and would rather not have to explain to VZW what happened if I DO brick it.

  4. well in theory… if it does brick couldn’t I just restore from a backup?

  5. As long as the os is designed for your specific phone model number (ie 8320 is not the same as 8330) then it will work but you may have some issues.

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