Mundu IM Version 4 For BlackBerry Released

Do you remember the days when it was impossible to get an instant messenger for BlackBerry since there were no clients? I remember looking for one for my 7230 back in the day. The best I got that year was Webmessenger.

MunduActive Sessions 4MunduCollapsed

Well, the tables have turned since and now we have an overabundance of IM applications for the BlackBerry. This latest is from Mundu and seems to be pretty cool for a commercial app. Especially since it only costs $11 for life. There is a 5-day trial, so if you’re unhappy with your current IM app, it can’t hurt to try this one out. I don’t think this is in the same league as Jivetalk and IM+, but who am I to judge.

You can pick up the application at this link in the store. Or if you want to download the trial just go to this link from your Berry and click the try button.

Features include:

View and chat with all your contacts across AIM®, Yahoo®, MSN®, Google® Talk, ICQ® , and Jabber® within a single, easy-to-use interface.

Cross Conferencing
Invite friends, colleagues or clients across AOL, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN to conference within a single chat window.

Smart Group Management
Organize your contacts by services or define your own groups with your contacts across services.

Expressive Chat Using Rich Text, Emoticons & Customizable Status
Customize the color and style of your chat text with a range of exciting options including graphic emoticons and the ability to set customizable presence status across IM services.

Background Mode Support
Stay connected on IM while you are on the phone or accessing other phone functions. Choose to be alerted by sound, pop-up, or vibration when your contacts come online or when you receive an IM.

Customized Preference
Notification via sound, pop-up, vibration etc.

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  1. I downloaded this to try it and found it to be an incredible drain on my battery! This is the first IM program I have tried on my blackberry (Curve), so I’m not sure yet if this is normal, but I charged my phone overnight… it’s now 3:00 pm and the battery icon is orange, indicating I need to recharge soon. I can usually go at lest two whole days between charges, and that’s with using Viigo and other apps on a regular basis. IMHO, this ap might be nice for use when sticking near a charger, but definitely not for traveling. 🙂

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