Giveaway: April Fools’ Day Three Theme Givaway

Yeah I spent all night thinking of a terrible prank to pull but I came up blank. So I decided to gang up with Corey from to offer a free Visto theme to the three winners of this contest.

The contest is simple enough. Leave a comment with the best April Fools’ prank or joke you can come up with. The top 3 comments will have their choice of one theme from in any available style. (Zen, Today, & Icon)

I am personally in love with Vistos recent line of themes. If you have not noticed in the latest OS 4.5 screenshots we posted that is the Visto H2O theme.


The choices for themes include these themes we have previously mentioned on BerryReview.

What you have to do to be eligible to win:

Post a comment to this post with the best April Fools’ prank or joke you have. If you don’t have one make one up! You can post as many comments as you want but only the best will be held for consideration. We will judge the winner by laugh/punked factor.

Get your comment in by 11:59PM on Tuesday April 8th 2008 to be eligible. We will contact the three winners (hopefully) the next day. Since it is April Fools if all goes to hell we reserve the right to give the winners bupkes. (If you don’t know what bupkes are read the link )

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  1. I quit my job. My boss didn’t believe me until I started packing. Then came the April fools! He was in a panic. Lol

  2. I was thinking of posting some type of ‘incredible’ rumor but thought better of it.
    Anyway, Last year I phoned my boss and told him that I had been taken into custody by the police relating to an incident where an automatic door controller that he had installed had become dislodged and fallen on a member of the public causing loss of life. (Of course none of it was true) But he took the story hook, line and sinker. I even got him to drive into the central police station (about 25 miles away) to make a statement…
    Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy when he got back… But I still work there and he finally saw the funny side…
    Greg Myers

  3. I told me ex girlfriend i loved her. BA-ZING!

  4. My friend’s college roommates were always trying to prank him but he always figured it out before they really got away with it. But on April 1, 2007, they finally got him. After a long night of partying, they set his cell phone alarm to 7:00 am and placed it inside a .5 L coke bottle and glued the label back on. When it went off at 7:00 am, my friend was so confused he spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how they had put the phone inside. Definitely a memorable prank – and all captured on video!

  5. A good buddy of mine lives alone here in the city (New York), so he entrusted me with a set of keys to his apartment. Every April 1st, I would get into his apartment during the day and rearrange his furniture and unscrew the light bulb in his living room. He works until late into the night so he comes home not only to darkness but to a completely different configuration than how he remembered leaving in the morning.

    The first couple of years, he had the worst bruises on his legs from bumping into furniture while fumbling for the lights. He’s caught on so nowadays, all I need to do is unscrew the light bulb just the put the idea into his head as he takes little tiny baby steps across his living room in the dark. As you can tell, we’re great friends because I’m still alive. =)


  6. Back in high school we put crazy glue on the classroom’s door locks. The principal had to call a locksmith and they broke the locks…

  7. In Vietnam, we don’t have April Fools. Don’t you guys know it?

  8. i fooled one collegue which is aditionaly one of my best friends. together with the facilitymanagement and the IT we have moved his desktop into a chamber. first he didnt believ us, but at the time where the supportticket from the IT came to move his phone and workstation he was shocked. As the reason for moving the facilitymanagement have quoted that his shutters in his office were broken. Actually they were broken for our luck. 😀

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