Flowfinity Forms Updated To Version 5.1

FlowfinityformsblackberryscreenI was just reading a press release about Flowfinity forms and thought I would mention it again. Flowfinity has been around for awhile trying to mobilize data entry on BlackBerry devices and they have been doing a good job so far. The new update is supposedly focused on ease of use but I can’t find a list of what changed in this newest revision.

Personally I think the power of flowfinity forms is that it allows companies to easily mobilize their data entry. At first I did not understand the ramifications of this until I started noticing field workers carrying around tablet PC’s just to enter in a few lines of text. For example I noticed a stock person at one of the stores near my home checking off what the store needed for the next delivery from their company. Something that could easily have been done in seconds on a BlackBerry. Especially since she was only stocking 10 or so items for the store.

Just thought I would shed some light on the application again. Sadly the application is not developed with an end user in mind even though I can see multiple uses for such an application. (at least as far as I can tell )

You can read more about Flowfinity forms at the following link: http://www.flowfinity.com/apps/forms.html

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