– Find The Cell Towers/Antennas Near You

AntennasearchMoving to a new location? Wondering where you will find the best reception? Trying to find the exact direction you should be leaning your head when you only have one bar…

I just got an email from one of our readers Jerry about a website,, that has been gathering information about the location of almost two million towers and antennas across the USA. The latest update has over 1,942,811 towers and antennas indexed. You just enter in your address that you wish to research and you get a nice google maps report of all the antennas near the location and which carrier is using which antenna/tower. There is even information indexed about future towers that are planned to be installed. I am not sure who is behind the whole website but talk about a great resource! It takes a bit to process each report (Anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in a densely populated area like NYC) but they are very useful. I just wish they had a progress bar instead of just spinning gears.

Check it out at

Now I know which window to stick my head out when I want to get reception in my small Manhattan apartment .

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