Is A BlackBerry The Ultimate Bee Killer?

thegateway.gifI just read a funny deluded opinion article on The Gateway which is the Newspaper for the University of Omaha Nebraska. This is the first article I have ever read that mentions the fact that BlackBerry Devices kill millions of Bee’s. The author even starts the article specifically pointing the finger at new BlackBerry devices. Seriously, I really wish I was kidding. For example:

You never know what effects that [Cellphones] might have, though, so if you really want to save the earth, cell phones need to evolve or die. Just like everything else in nature.

It gets even better:

It is not fair for people who don’t use cell phones, whether they are too young or just don’t need them, to be afflicted because everyone else wants the conveniences of a quick chat or text.

But, these are not the only problem cell phones cause and, in my opinion, are not the worst. Millions of bees are dying, just leaving their hives never to return. These along with a plethora of other animal life, particularly those that fly are quickly dying off.

Read the full article at The Gateway if your in for a good laugh.

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