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Twitter for BlackBerry 10 Update Lands in the Beta Zone

BlackBerry has pushed out a quick update to Twitter for BlackBerry 10 in the Beta Zone. Nothing fancy here but it is a nice update that fixes some bugs. Check out the latest by getting BlackBerry Beta Zone registered for the program here and installing the Beta Zone app. Features include: Save Tweets as Drafts,…


Snap2Chat BlackBerry 10 “SnapChat” Client Gets BlackBerry World Approval

BlackBerry first laid the kibosh down on the awesome developer of Snap2Chat when he tried submitting his third party SnapChat client into BlackBerry World. There was a big protest and it looks like BlackBerry has relented. The developer announced on the Snap2Chat Facebook page that they have been approved for BlackBerry World. He has decided…


Chen Confirms BlackBerry Classic Launch in November Along With BES 12?

While I was out for Passover, BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with Maria Bartiromo to discuss where he sees BlackBerry going. In an interesting move he reiterated how important BlackBerry loyalists are to him and how he has a plan to release the “BlackBerry Classic” model with its physical buttons in November. I thought…


BlackBerry Resolves Heartbleed OpenSSL Issue in BES 10 & iOS/Android (BBM & Secure Work Space)

BlackBerry seems to have been mostly spared from the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability. BlackBerry had to go through all their services and NOC to search for instances of OpenSSL and thankfully not much was found. BlackBerry has pushed a small update to BES 10 Work Connect Service which is using Apache Tomcat. They also pushed out…


Viber Finally Arrives on BlackBerry 10 (Android Port)

Viber has been changing their minds on a regular basis about finally supporting BlackBerry 10. First they planned on releasing a native app and then the reneged on that promise. After that they decided to possibly bring the service to BlackBerry 10 and now it is finally here. The downside is that instead of a…


Strategy Number Game 2048 and Tricks to Win

The addictive strategy number game 2048 is finally available for BlackBerry users. The game rules are simple–swipe up, down, left or right to move the tiles to make the number 2048. When two same tiles are moved to one direction, they merge and become the sum. For example, if two number-2 tiles are merged, they…


Add Some Spark to Your Photos with PhotoFunia

Are you a selfie-lover? We found an easy-to-use photo editing app for your BlackBerry. Meet PhotoFunia. Nowadays, filters are not enough to make your photos gorgeous. PhotoFunia can bring Photoshop effects to your pictures on your smart phone. In the photo, you can put yourself in a Santa suit, embed your portrait on a magazine…


Review: BlackBerry Transformer Case For BlackBerry Z30

Just like the BlackBerry Z10, the BlackBerry Z30 comes with an array of similar official accessories, like the leather pouch, leather flip case and in this case, the transformer case. As the name suggests, it is supposed to transform the device into a stand for it to act like a portable player or perhaps even…


BlackBerry Starts Registration For BES 10 Cloud Preview

If your boss or yourself have been waiting eagerly for the BES 10 Cloud, well, it is coming! BlackBerry today opened up the registration for BES 10 Cloud Preview, which means the will officially issue a statement real soon. We aren’t however, too sure if this a premature release or what, but by signing up…


Hotels 4D Helps You Find Hotels on BlackBerry 10

  Hotels 4D is a website that integrates hotel information from several famous global online travel brands: Expedia, Travelocity, Booking.com, and ebookers.com. The company recently launched its built-for-BlackBerry app. According to the developer, users can find over 770,000 hotels around the world from this app. On Hotels 4D’s interactive map, you can search hotel information…


Making Sense Of Nanthealth With John Chen

Earlier, BlackBerry announced their investment with Nanthealth publically. Earlier today, John Chen had the opportunity to write to CNBC surrounding this decision. For those of you who aren’t convinced yet, be sure to check this one out!


Turbo Reader App Promises to Help You Speed Read

Turbo Reader claims it can “easily raise your reading speed.” I downloaded the free version of the app and tested it out. Turbo Reader is simply designed to help users eliminate time spent moving their eyes between words. You may ask “how?” To use the app, copy the text of any article you want to…

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