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BlackBerry Passport Named IT Gadget Of The Week

The BlackBerry Passport has been named the must-have and IT Gadget of the week! The honor, awarded by the times earlier today, noted that BlackBerry has created a differentiated phone that is able to turn the heads of consumers to get their attention. In addition, they also noted the usefulness of BlackBerry Blend, though my…


BlackBerry Passport Leather Flip Case

The BlackBerry Passport launch and roll out is underway, and we thought you might want to know about some accessories available. First and foremost, here we have the BlackBerry Passport Leather Flip case. The BlackBerry Leather Flip case will be available in 2 colours, black and brown.


[Video] Hands On Demo With The BlackBerry Passport Touch Enabled Keyboard

As many of you have requested, here is a hands on video with the BlackBerry Passport.  It really does to all the hype justice around it.  So take a quick watch and let us know what you think. Desktop Video Link | Mobile Video Link about half way through I said keyboard instead of screen,…


Did BlackBerry Score a Hat Trick?

Sorry for the hockey analogy title, but Wayne Gretzky was at the event in Toronto so you know there was a lot of sports talk and comparison going on.  If you do not know, a hat trick is when playing a sport you score 3 goals in one game. And in my opinion that is…


Our BlackBerry Passport Unboxing Video and Size Comparison to Z30 and Nexus 5

It took me a little longer than I wanted to be able to shoot this video, but I was able to sit down last night and finally open the device.  Take a quick glance at our first looks and hands on of the BlackBerry Passport outside of an event. I also took a second to…


BlackBerry Youtube Channel Updated

The BlackBerry Media team have uploaded 15 short videos that covers most if not all aspects of the BlackBerry Passport. They have covered topics from Getting Started, to the individual applications and integration with Blend to get you going with your new Passport. Personally I am still impressed with the hybridization (for lack of better…


Bloomberg Steps Up to Chen’s Challenge of Trying to Bend the Passport

Yesterday during John Chen’s wrap up at the Passport event in Toronto, he challenged users to try and bend the Passport.  Well BloombergTV took it to heart and did it, or well tried to do it.  Now if you search the video not embedded from Twitter, you will see the trolls saying it breaks at…


BlackBerry Passport Demo Published

As we have seen for other models, BlackBerry has released their dedicated model demo for the Passport covering all the relevant topics to get started on your new BlackBerry Passport. I was particularly interested in the usage of the physical touch keyboard and how this integrates with the virtual keyboard functions and options. You can…


BlackBerry Blend Security Note

Are you wanting to know a little more about the security aspects of Blackberry Blend, BlackBerry has published their Security Note for version 1.0.1. You can connect BlackBerry Blend directly to a BlackBerry 10 device using a USB connection. When you do so, data is protected using AES-256 encryption. A BlackBerry 10 device connects to…


Was Today A Sign of The Future BlackBerry?

Well today as many of us know was the long anticipated launch of the BlackBerry Passport.  Many of us have thought how will this device work in to our current “glass slab” smartphone ecosystem, will a device this big really make a difference?  Will be adapt and adopt to the design and follow BlackBerry’s vision?…


Not Finding BlackBerry Blend [UPDATE]

[UPDATE Sept 25, 2014] The replication and URL correction for www.blackberry.com/blendsupport for the global sub-domain redirection has been resolved. All links now working for those that redirect outside of CA and US. [UPDATE Sept 25, 2014] BlackBerry has reached out to us and let us know that the issues has been resolved and all links…


BlackBerry Blend Requires IPv6

BlackBerry have posted a knowledge base support article on the connectivity requirements for Blend. It tells us that IPv6 is required for Blend to connect between devices. Environment BlackBerry Blend BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.0 and later VPN Firewall IPv6 Overview BlackBerry Blend is unable to connect to, or communicate with the BlackBerry 10 smartphone when IPv6 traffic is being blocked. Cause…

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