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Make Typing Easier with Word Substitutions!

Word Substitutions and the Custom Dictionary are some great features baked right in to any BlackBerry OS that are highly under utilized.  And now with a virtual keyboard on my Z10, I find myself using them more than ever.  It’s so easy to just type ‘brl’ for my BerryReview email address, or ‘sigg’ to have…


Are you an Adventurous Male? Check Out The Perfect Year!

Weekend getaways. Exotic vacations. Adventures. The Perfect Year reveals all the things you’ve ever wanted to do — but never knew how to find, or that even existed. InsideHook, the essential city guide for adventurous men, will help you build your bucket list of must-do experiences. With The Perfect Year, you can: -Find amazing adventures…


Love Foosball? Check out Table Football XL

With everyone going back to school, we know a lot of our university and college readers are getting addicted to Foosball during their Frosh Week.  Table Football XL can help with the addiction, whether wasting time between classes, or deciding not to study.  Table Football XL brings realistic graphics, and various tables to play on…


Circuit Panic is a Game Sure to Shock the Senses

Circuit Panic is a game that came across my email a couple days ago… and since then I have been addictively playing it.  It is a different style of game play that keeps you on edge the whole time.  You need to manage 3 birds on electrical wires and have them moving from wire to…


2013 Official TIFF App Released in BlackBerry World

TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is always a pretty big deal, and BlackBerry usually has a very high involvement.  In years past they have been part of the TIFF Lightbox with the BlackBerry Lounge, but also having the BlackBerry People’s Choice award.  Besides BlackBerry’s involvement, the event is a huge international stage for new and…


BlackBerry Releases BlackBerry Beta Zone in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10

Previously in the actual Beta Zone, and now released in to BlackBerry World is the Beta Zone client.  Before this app, if not on a Legacy device,  you had to sideload all of the new beta’s which was a little annoying.  Then you would have to cut and paste the long Keystring in to the…


Popular iOS and Android Game The Sandbox Arrives on BlackBerry 10

The Sandbox is a very popular game in iOS, Android and now BlackBerry 10.  You get to create the universe of your dreams. Check out the full list of features below. If you’re looking for a game to get hooked on this long weekend don’t hesitate on grabbing your FREE copy in BlackBerry World. UNLEASH…


Toysoft releases Call Notes for BlackBerry 10

Ever wanted to automatically add a call note or SMS to your calendar? Well Call Notes can help! Call Notes will automatically add the entry in to your Calendar app, and then all you do is add the persons name and notes as you please.   This takes tradition call log apps to another level…

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