PlayBook Telnet SSH PuTTY Port Updated With Multiple Connections

SSH Client SSH Client 2

We told you about the SSH Telnet PuTTy port for the PlayBook a bit back but since then it has been updated a few times. I was in need of a good SSH client over the weekend and picked up a copy of SSH Telnet for $4.99 (it used to be $1.99) in App World. SSH Telnet by Dmytro Mishchenko is essentially a port of the hugely popular PuTTy remote connection client for the PlayBook and it works quite well as a native app. It hurts to pay for PuTTy when it is open source and the payments do not go to the PuTTy project but the MIT license seems to allow it and it is supporting the developer for porting and improving it.

Since we last mentioned SSH Telnet the change log has included:
– multiple sessions support
– application menu in a terminal window using native gesture
– several improvements for Bluetooth keyboards
Virtual keyboard "Shift" key issues fix when running on OS 2.0 BETA. It resolves problems with passwords containing capital letters.
– Added Context Menu.  ® – to activate (press and hold ‘r’ to see this symbol).
Context menu features: Copy/Paste, Terminal Reset, Session restart, Change Settings of current session.
(e.g. you can add port forwarding and enjoy web browsing over encrypted tunnel)
– switch to a new version of QT
– Added additional key mapping (Arrow keys, Tab, Esc, Ctrl, Home, End, Del, PgUp, PgDn)
– About dialog extended with a Help tab
– Resize terminal window when virtual keyboard pops up not to overlap a typing area
– Ask for Shared file access permission to be able to use key based authentication
– Added About dialog
– Enabled ‘Serial’ connection type

My favorite is the multiple connections and connection tunneling. Check out Telnet SSH for yourself in App World for $4.99 and let me know if you have any other alternatives you prefer!

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